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Alies2009.08.16 - 06:20AM2: Chapter 2Signed
And such a cliffhanger ;)

Author's Response: I know right - will they survive this madness??? ;)

time_lady2009.08.16 - 01:28AM2: Chapter 2Signed
I love your fics. They're so cool. Anywho, this story is wonderfully brilliant, and the bit where the Doctor comes out wearing his tuxedo is cute. *smirks* Awww!

Author's Response: Eccleston in a tux? Sure, we\'ll go with \'cute\' ;) Mmm...hee. Thanks!

Settiai2009.02.11 - 08:18PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Oh, this was wonderful.

Author's Response: Thanks!

lemongirl2008.12.23 - 11:18PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Oh, I hope you update soon! I love how Rose speculated on *why* Pete's still alive, if maybe it's because she doesn't exist. I'd never have thought of that. I think if you do AOG/Doomsday, even if it ends the same, the Doctor should find some way back to her. *was not impressed with the Stolen Earth* After all, 9's *so impressive* -- I bet he could get to a parallel universe! Plus, I'm sure he needs another "everyone lives" day.

Author's Response: But really, I mean, if Jackie hadn\'t had the baby, she might have gone to get the vase - and there\'s no way she would have had the same timing as Pete...and, yeah...ugh. Stolen Earth/Journey\'s End will not happen. It won\'t even be set up as a possibility to happen in my \'verse. EVER. grr.

ERNest2008.12.22 - 06:15PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Yay! I'm glad you made the parallel Jackie nice. I think you should have made it a one-parter, but it's coming along great.

Author's Response: What, like both episodes into one part or just this one? It would have taken waaay too long to write both episodes...everyone would have forgotten about me by the time they were done! But I\'m glad you liked Alt!Jackie...she\'s gonna be important later on :)

ILiveInTheTARDIS2008.12.22 - 02:46AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Your story's great. Love Sarah's Sonic Lipstick. Don't follow the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday story ending, be original. 'Cause it sounds like you're good at that.

Author's Response: I have my own plans, believe me :-D glad you\'re enjoying!

FYF2008.12.17 - 11:15PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Whoa! What next? Update ASAP, please?

Author's Response: Eek, it\'ll be a while, I\'m sorry! I blame the readers, it was voted to be a two-episode story instead of a longer one-parter... Though Age of Steel is coming along nicely already!

queen0fthecastle2008.12.17 - 05:07PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Okay, need to know what happens next!!! And I agree I love that they're guests instead of waiters too!

Author's Response: It\'ll be a while, sad to say - but I\'m working on it! Look for the Tardisode (and another short story, hopefully) before Christmas though!

PowerToTheFlower2008.12.17 - 11:14AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Love you series, I can't wait for the next one. I think it's great how you made them guests instead of waiters.

Author's Response: I just had the vision of the tux...and had to go with it. Okay, I know Ten wore a tux too but it was a slightly cheapo lookin\' thing...not nice enough for that picture :-D

queen0fthecastle2008.12.17 - 07:46AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Great job! Everything about him was sooo very Nine. I love it! =D

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you approve :-D

avgirl2008.12.16 - 12:37PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, Nine is sooo wonderful. You have his inability to say no to Rose down perfectly. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: He can\'t say no to Rose either way...but Nine is a bit less willing to acknowledge it :-D Poor Nine *pets him*

FYF2008.12.16 - 12:20AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Yay! An update. It's so... Nine *grin* Looking forward to the next chapter ^^

Author's Response: Hee. Thanks!

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