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Vilinye2012.02.06 - 04:21PM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Coat crack. That was hilarious, absolutely hilarious. What sold it was them taking off their coats at the end and handing it to the Doctor.

Author's Response: Coat crack, yes! I\'m glad you liked how it ended. Or how it began, depending on how you look at it. : )

Curuchamion2011.10.28 - 04:06PM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
O_O I really don't review anything, do I? Love it to pieces, rec it all over the place, and never leave a review. *bad reader, bad!*

Anyway: this is (still) awesome. :D

Author's Response: Aw, don\'t worry, I sometimes forget to leave reviews, too. I already knew you liked it, but I\'m glad to hear that you still do. :D

greenlily2011.10.28 - 09:37AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Hello! I found this story via the LJ community crack_van. I really enjoyed it, and am off to share it with my fellow members of the MIT G&S Players. (As you might imagine, MIT is rather a hotbed of folks who would appreciate both G&S and DW.)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for letting me know this was recc\'ed, and double thanks for the heads-up about crack_fan -- that looks like a great community! I\'m honored that you want to share this with your fellow G&S/DW fans. Hope they enjoy it too!

Author's Response: Sorry, crack_van. Freudian typo, there.

Daystar Searcher2011.01.15 - 01:27PM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Doctor Who, musicals, and ridiculously long titles. It's like a smoothie of everything I love!

Author's Response: :D Glad to oblige!

azriona2009.05.05 - 05:20AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned

Hi! I'm here from the CoT Reviews LJ community. First of all, congratulations on your nomination for Round Three of the Children of Time Awards.

We at CoT Reviews try to review all of the nominated stories in each round, and in today's post we've featured your story. Please feel free to stop by and look.

I really enjoyed Fallacy Somewhere - I was raised on Broadway musicals, and this was totally up my alley. I liked how you wrote the entire thing as if it were as improbable/farcical as an actual G&S operetta, and I REALLY adored the very last line regarding Janis Joplin. Because of course, if musicians are just going to hand over their coats when you show up - who wouldn't put her on the list!?!? I giggled and laughed all the way through, but that line in particular was one of my favorites.

Congratulations again, and good luck!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! The bit about Janis Joplin didn\'t come to me until I was halfway through the story, but now I do like to think that it happened all over again with her, and perhaps with countless other historical figures throughout time and space -- all those clothes in the TARDIS wardrobe had to come from somewhere, after all! : )

vvj52009.04.13 - 11:21AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Oh, this was wonderful and the ending made me laugh aloud. I saw this and kept meaning to come back and read it properly. Nice work!!

Author's Response: I\'m glad this managed to make you laugh. Thanks for the review!

GM_Andy2009.03.04 - 10:36AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
I had eye-balled this to read before and somehow thought "Nah... not really my thing" But then I kept happening across it...
So I read it. It's fantastic. I really love how its the first Doctor that meets them last, and of course they just give him the coats, having lost so many of them to the various incarnations and companions. I bet by the time 1 showed up they were quite through with the entire business. Poor fellows. But handing over the coats before getting them burnt off, or acid dipped, or tossed over an alien likely was the smartest thing they could have done. :)
Lovely story.

Author's Response: Thanks for giving the story a try, and I\'m so happy to hear you liked it! And yes, G&S may write silly operettas, but they\'re not fools. ; )

fennie2009.01.20 - 09:40AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Absolutely delightful!

Author's Response: Thanks! I got very silly with it, but then what could be more appropriate for a fic about Gilbert and Sullivan?

Sunfall2008.12.08 - 03:34PM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
I love this story. I like how it all got started when they'd already met all the other Doctors. It is completely hilarious.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun to write.

Pitry2008.12.08 - 10:46AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Loved it to bits! very very funny.

Author's Response: Thanks!

witchy_grrl2008.12.08 - 10:34AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Absolutely one of the awesomest random stories EVER. As a newbie G&S fan, this still had me gasping with laughter. So kudos!!

Author's Response: I love that you called this story \"random\" -- I think that should be a new genre category! I\'m glad you liked it.

pippin2008.12.08 - 08:42AM1: Fallacy SomewhereSigned
Longest title I ever was!
hee! hee!
Thank's for the humour! :o)

Author's Response: : ) I was actually wondering if I was going to run into a character limit on the title, but I didn\'t. Thanks for the review!

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