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pipkinsweetgrass2011.05.12 - 02:25AM12: Page 29Signed
You guess it! Still awesome and I'm still even reading the reviews and BEGGING you to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze let me link to this? I'd only post 1 link per Whosday...

Miss Snazzy2010.10.14 - 03:58AM12: Page 29Signed
Great story.

Even as a baby, Rose is caring about "monsters".

Gwen was so cute when she had her pterodactyl join the fight. =)
Funny thing--I have Rugrats on in the background while I'm reading this. Lol.

Author's Response: Hahaha. Good, puts you in the right frame of mind :)

Yamx2009.09.12 - 04:46AM12: Page 29Signed
Oh, now I'm scared.

Also, confused - the story continues to be great, of course, but there's one thing I just can't work out: What's your position on cookies?!?

Author's Response: Cookies are good?

XPromisesX2009.01.02 - 09:32AM12: Page 29Signed
OMG! Baby Martha looks so cute! I wonder what baby 9 would look like? XD

Author's Response: The world is not prepared for such knowledge!

exa_112008.11.28 - 03:42AM1: Page 18Signed
*Throws Millions of cookies at you and Jigglykat*
opps now whos going to write the comic part 4?
*mountain of cookies where you were*

Author's Response: We\'ll haveta eat our way out!

LondonBeauty2008.11.17 - 04:20PM12: Page 29Signed
I love this series, and I want a baby Martha of my own please!

Author's Response: Well, when a mommy comic book character and a daddy comic book character love each other very much...

Xephyrfox2008.11.16 - 12:50PM1: Page 18Signed
Yay! Torchwood Babiez!!

This review is from my own Babiez:
i like it. if we mailed cookies, would you publish the next issue faster?

It's a awsome comic. plz could you do the next one?...PLZ could you(whoa howed that happen?)!

Author's Response: Awww thanks guys!!! Glad you enjoyed it SOOO much! We\'re both working very hard on the next issue, it just takes a long time because there\'re only two of us! We do promise to finish it just as fast as possible, though!

Wish Wielder2008.11.15 - 05:49PM12: Page 29Signed
Oh my word, this series just keeps getting better 'n better. As if Surprise!Nine wasn't shock enough last time, now you've got Surprise!Jackie - and my Jackie!fangirlin' heart just a'sploded all over page eighteen. Plus, y'all got their voices down perfectly. Love your Nine so much, and yeah: Satan got exterminated. xD I'm still recovering from that gigglefit.

Author's Response: glad I could provide the gigglefit :)

Wish Wielder2008.11.15 - 05:45PM9: Page 26Signed
*cough* I'm interrupting my reading to just say: OH SNAP, SATAN GOT EXTERMINATED!

My inner bible-thumper just met up with my fangirl 'n totally squeed.

Author's Response: Poor satan. he just wanted tea... ;)

LillyNyte2008.11.14 - 10:13AM12: Page 29Signed
This series is sooooo cuuuuute!!! You have no idea how much you made my day. I loved the tea party the best! Crazy clever, crazy good!! *hands out tripple chocolate walnut cookies*

Author's Response: Why thank you!! Jigglykat and I are so excited that everyone likes it so much!

abifrey102008.11.12 - 04:59PM12: Page 29Signed
Yay!!! Torchwood Babies are back!!! I luvs me Torchwood Babies!!! Yous made my day....tanks :~))
Make more...pease....

Author's Response: We\'ll be finishing the last chapter in this tale. I can\'t say when--it takes us a very long time to put each issue together.. but we are both dedicated to finishing it!

opusnone2008.11.12 - 01:35PM1: Page 18Signed
such a happy surprise and wonderfully done. TW Babiez rock! (as do cookies!)

Author's Response: Why thank you :)

Nix Toren2008.11.12 - 12:30PM12: Page 29Signed
"Jackie tyler, hell portal, hell portal, Jackie tyler" LMAO.

And oooh Non-Baby!Rose! and baby!Martha!!

Author's Response: Everybody and your grandmother, just about!

Nix Toren2008.11.12 - 12:26PM4: Page 21Signed

Author's Response: Aww thank you :)

Nix Toren2008.11.12 - 12:25PM3: Page 20Signed
Noooo, Baby!Owen... trying to kill Satan is a baaaad idea. Listen to Baby!Jack.

Author's Response: Hahaha. How much listening to jack does he really do?

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