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Brilliantly_Strange2016.04.25 - 04:51PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is an awesome fic! I love it.

bookishandi2011.11.01 - 12:48AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I absolutely adore this piece. While I do think Rose and TenToo get their happy ever after, it had to have taken some time, yeah?

I think you get the dynamic here so well--what keeps them apart, what draws them back together.

And paternal!Doctor is so delightful. Brava.

Nancy Brown2010.12.30 - 08:03PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I love how 10.5 and Tony interacted in this. :)

Library_Lover2010.12.29 - 04:36PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Here via Calufrax. I don't often read Rose/10.5 fic, but I really enjoyed this. I think you captured the Doctor's voice brilliantly.

HonorH2010.12.29 - 12:57PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Aww. I can very easily picture Tony becoming the bridge between the new Doctor and Rose, the one who accepts them both and helps them accept each other. This is just lovely.

pipinheart2010.03.26 - 06:08PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Really like this one. He reads to Tony and Rose and him talk and she finally sees who is in front of her...

genrou2009.10.13 - 11:50PM1: Chapter 1Signed
“Old and brilliant and dashing and brave and decidedly not a baby? Why yes, I am!” ^_____^

“Does Mum read you stories when you have bad dreams?”
The Doctor snorts. “It would take an even braver man than me to wake your mother in the middle of the night.”
Tony doesn’t seem to notice the implication. “What about Rose? I bet she would.”
Suddenly grateful for the dark, the Doctor smiles sadly and heads for the door. “Goodnight, Tony.”
awww my heart totally went out to him.

three weeks. poor rose and doctor.

but she loves this one, too — this impossible man who can read a thousand alien languages or read bedtime stories to her baby brother.
One day, she thinks, she’ll have to thank Donna Noble.

Kalleah2008.12.19 - 09:50PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Again - lovely, lovely. A sweet waking-up for Rose, suddenly seeing him as himself, and not quite someone she thought he might have been.

Old Lady2008.11.04 - 10:50PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Very, very nice.

LJG2008.11.04 - 12:27PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Very nice. It fits. Thanks -- and keep writing.

Pitry2008.11.04 - 09:38AM1: Chapter 1Signed
"Gets ‘em every time." - cheeky.. ;)

I'm not one for all the happy endnigs of the human Doctor and Rose, but this story was really sweet. Loved Tony's role in it - yeah, telling stories can be one of the brilliant things the Donna part can give the Doctor. Really enjoyed this one, really well done!

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