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ThankYouFiccers2016.06.26 - 12:25PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
This is one of the best Donna fix-it fics, it's one of those fics that everyone in the fandom does or should know! So many brilliant moments for everyone- I particularly laughed at the Brigadier's interventions, and at Sarah smacking 10's teenage strop down and just piling on the others who will help ridicule him back to sense! Oh and it was lovely that it was Maria and the kids who stood up for the Earth!life perspective. Thank you for writing!

wurdsmythe2016.04.15 - 10:52PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
I just found this fic, and I'm so happy! Donna gets a good ending that really makes sense! YAY! This is so good! Great writing, characters who are perfectly in character (you've got Sarah Jane down beautifully!), and a great plot! I love this! Thank you for writing it!

daemoninwhite2013.12.25 - 10:06AM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
I found this fic through tvtropes's fic rec page, and I'm so impossibly glad I read it. I'm fond of Donna fix-it fics (Donna is my favourite character, and while I think it's a decent ending, it broke my heart to see all that character growth be destroyed) but this is the best I've ever read. An absolutely unique premise (everything always has Donna restored to her former self!) and an absolutely wonderful execution.

Peacer2013.12.11 - 10:30AM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
This is exactly what I needed. I'm a fairly new Whovian, only just finished watching season 4, and in desperate need of some good fanfiction to cheer me up. This is the very first I found and it was brillant. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

RobinC2011.04.15 - 08:51PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
The was magnificent. So many humorous lines that I couldn't possibly list all my favorites, angst, triumph, and former Companions being thoroughly awesome.

bowtie2011.03.25 - 10:43PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
This was amazing!! Beautifully written and just... I can't even find the words. LOL!!

Quean of Swords2010.04.12 - 04:23PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
I loved this so much! I'm rubbish at reviews, but you have been favorited. ^_^

ClocketPatch2010.04.10 - 12:04AM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
This is just awesome of the highest calibre from start to finish. I can't even pick out my favourite bit because the awesome was never ending. Maybe Sarah-Jane telling Luke to never use that word, or the Doctor thinking about kidnapping Torchwood, or Donna being her awesome self. Big silly grin. This is favourited. This is epic win. This should've been canon.

In my head it is.

So. Much. Win.

leona2010.03.02 - 04:55PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
Liked it a lot. Go Donna, being awesome as a person can be. :)
"...kidnapping was wrong. Tempting, but wrong." Lol, Doctor.

Eclectic Muse2009.12.11 - 09:51PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
Absolutely WONDERFUL. There was too much going on here for me to point out which bits I liked best! At first I thought it was going to be one of those soppy "Ten has a strop and everyone tells him he's wonderful" fics, but you surprised me! I loved Donna being marvelous on her own, and Ten reappearing from time to time, and Gwen, and most of all (for some reason!) Donna's friendship with Ianto. My only complaint is I wish we could have seen more of Luke. :) But well done! So well done! This story put a huge smile on my face.

Lastly--Mickey's bit of insight into Rose floored me. I'm not a Rose-hater by any means, but fandom has unfortunately put me off her quite a bit. I found Mickey's explanation of her devotion to walk a very nice and very plausible line between the camps of Rosefen and Rose-bashing. Props to you for that.

Author's Response: I\'ve been feeling for some time that when Ten has a strop, he needs a boot up the backside. And who better to deliver it? I couldn\'t figure out how to get more of Sarah Jane\'s Scooby gang into the plot there. Sorry! As for Rose... she\'s done too many things that make me mad at her for me to adore her, and she\'s done too many really fabulous things for me to loathe her. This is about the only way that I could explain her... and it made more sense for Mickey to see things that way than for a guy who in any other universe would be \"a catch\" otherwise be so devoted while being so dissed.

Allemande2009.09.25 - 11:32AM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
Aha, this was very nice indeed! Very unpredictable in parts, even at the end (I wouldn't have thought you'd make her go back to being human after making her remember), and unpredictable is a Good Thing in fandom. ;)

I agree with you on the fact that Donna doesn't need the Doctor to be awesome. But I still like reading stories where she remembers, not because she's insignificant otherwise but because they have such a great friendship.

Oh yes, I like the way Donna first rejects all those "hippies" and then becomes completely engrossed in their work and in their convictions. That was a nice touch.

My only quibble would be the Doctor's behaviour at the beginning, calling everyone 'apes' and telling them to bugger off; I can see what you're getting at but somehow it seemed off character to me.

And finally: liked the humour. *Very* important in a DW fic to get the humour right.

For some reason this line made me laugh the most:

"Nope." Gwen sounded pretty cheerful for someone with a death grip on the railing. "I speak copper."

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it so much! Re: the Doctor - I felt a bit vindicated by how cold and resistant he was at the beginning of Planet of Death, even though the \"apes\" line is more Nine than Ten. The most fun of the feedback is finding out what bits people liked - it\'s always different!

TenObsessed2009.03.05 - 01:38AM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
Oh my god. Amazing. Simply amazing. By far the absolute best "recovery" fic I've read. This was so perfect.

azriona2009.02.09 - 04:21PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned

Hi! I'm here from the CoT Reviews LJ community. First of all, congratulations on your nomination for Round Two of the Children of Time Awards.

We try to review all of the nominated stories in each round, and in today's post we've featured your story. Please feel free to stop by and look.

Absolutely one of the best fix-it fics I've seen for Donna so far! I love how it started cracky, but turned so serious at the end. And I love the timey-whimeyness of what the Doctor does for Wilf. I love that you made it about healing the Doctor in addition to healing Donna - and the Doctor's tantrum outside the TARDIS is one of the funnier moments I've seen in a while.

Congratulations again, and good luck!

Author's Response: Thank you, Arizona! The fix-it category is particularly crowded with worthy entries, but I have to confess that i never advertised this story to the extent that I should have when it came out - so I\'m very glad of the CoT attention, because I think it\'s one of the strongest fics I\'ve written in this fandom.

Pitry2009.01.19 - 04:18PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
Found this through the Calufrax reccs.... and this is such a brilliant story! All of it, every single bit. Well, special points to G|wen copper-talking the Shadow-proclamation, of course :) Well done!

hence_the_name2009.01.16 - 11:33PM1: Operation AwesomeSigned
Oh, I loved this. I agree with you wholeheartedly--the awesome in Donna was already there, and she just needs some help to find it again. I have a half-finished attempt at that myself, but it's stalled in want of a plot. :P

Can I also say, this fic actually made me feel nostalgic for my old job as an organizer for a nonprofit? My old bosses really needed Donna to whip them into shape!

(Here via wendymr's rec on Calufrax!)

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