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Alies2009.08.15 - 06:29PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Awesome once again.
I feel sorry for Mickey and Rose in the end... However he's kinda right in doing so.

Author's Response: Well, he\'s gotta stand up for himself EVENTUALLY...heh.

time_lady2009.07.28 - 12:37AM3: Chapter 3Signed
This rocks! I heart alt!Sarah, alt!K9, alt!Nine, alt!Rose, alt!Mickey, and this alt!Series Two! Seriously. I think you should get a job as one of the Doctor Who team's writers; you're so good!

Author's Response: Whoo! Thanks so much :)

genrou2009.02.24 - 11:27AM3: Chapter 3Signed
forgot to mention how much i like the line "I blame the films" .

Author's Response: Thanks! It amused me too :-D

genrou2009.02.24 - 10:06AM3: Chapter 3Signed
yeah i was wondering about the sonic lipstick. didnt she have it in the original episose or just in sj adventures?

ah no regeneration. nice.

and poor micky!! i guess he wont be meeting ricky and they might not be going to a parallel world in your story. hmmm i guess this means we skip over her too.
well with these changes in place i wonder what more will change.

Author's Response: Nah, it\'s just in SJA that she has it. The changes are a comin\', that\'s for sure :-D Thanks!

genrou2009.02.24 - 08:59AM2: Chapter 2Signed
great chapter. always did love that episode with sarah jane vs rose and mickey loving it all the while.
really liked the add in with sneaking home and getting caught by her gran and thus having to spend the night at mickey's.

Author's Response: hee thanks!

genrou2009.02.24 - 07:44AM1: Chapter 1Signed
"He got distracted by somethin' shiny an' wandered off?" ^_______^
hmmm though he says a couple of regenerations while 10 said half dozen. sjs last saw the 5th doctor, yes? so isnt a couple a bit low, it doest really matter i know.

oh and i loved it when mickey came in. i absolutely loved him. definately amused with mickey and how excited he was to tell the new gossip to rose. cant wait to see more in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah it\'s that generic \'couple\' that doesn\'t mean a real number :-D Thanks! I\'m glad you liked :-)

Settiai2009.02.11 - 07:40PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, this was awesome. I adore the subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes that are taking place with the Ninth Doctor there instead of the Tenth.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad :)

lemongirl2008.12.23 - 10:48PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Interesting to watch your series depart from the original, but I can see why you're doing it, it will help to change up your series a bit. This was my favorite episode so far! I loved the original, but this may have been even better!

Author's Response: Yay! It\'s my favorite too! Clearly I enjoyed it because it got so freakin\' long... >_<

froggym2008.09.19 - 07:17AM3: Chapter 3Signed
I'm loving this whole series. I always thought that nine would take better care of rose and treat her right, hope he is good with the girl in the fire place. Please more stories.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m workin\' on it :)

Damedemort2008.09.18 - 06:45AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Oh, really enjoyed that. I love how subtly you change things from the real episode.
Is Rose's headache just from the chips, or something more? I was a bit surprised that the Doctor didn't notice she was suffering.
Looking forward for GITF, to see how Nine would deal with the situation; I'm really hoping he's a lot less Casanova than Ten was.

Author's Response: Yay, thank you! The Doctor is a bit distracted...but no worries, he\'ll notice. Eventually. *halo* Thanks for the review, glad you\'re enjoying it!

FYF2008.09.18 - 01:02AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Glad that Rose and Sarah Jane got along well. The Doc & Rose still have regeneration talk to deal with. No Mickey in GitF? You are going completely AU then?

Author's Response: Yeeeaaah that\'s coming *shifty eyes* sorta. And nope, no Mickey in GitF. Definitely going a bit more AU from here on...

bfhbugs2008.09.17 - 08:35AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Sarah Jane and Nine! Yay! You have the character voices down well and I like your explanation of why Sarah Jane doesn't go into her pining routine. I also like Sarah Jane's immediate recognition of how damaged Nine is. I'm looking forward to how you continue with this.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much!! Sarah Jane I think is smarter and stronger than that episode would have us believe...she totally would have caught onto Nine\'s angst. heh.

bedazzled2008.09.17 - 05:53AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Sarah Jane and Nine! They are so perfect. I don't think this IS a Sarah/Doctor story but, I really wish it was. I can really see Sarah and Nine in my head. The picture at the start was a good idea - it helps set it up.

Author's Response: Noo not quite a Sarah/Doctor story, I\'m afraid I\'m a hardcore Nine/Rose shipper. That said, I love SJ to death and wish they hadn\'t made her look so...weak in School Reunion. I\'m glad you liked the banner, photoshop is my crack. hee. Thanks!!

avgirl2008.09.16 - 09:48PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is really good. It seems very natural with Nine and Sarah Jane, really well done. And Mickey, he's so great in this. Can't wait for the "talk!"

Author's Response: Thank you!

wmr2008.09.16 - 07:52PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I really, really like what you're doing here. I'll admit that I just skimmed the first couple of stories in the series because, although the Doctor's dialogue was different and very in keeping for Nine, the story felt very little different. With this adaptation, you're changing much more about the episode (and in some ways that make so much sense, for example Sarah-Jane's not been pining here, which I like), which makes the story as a whole so much more interesting to read. Nine's dialogue is spot-on and Mickey is hilarious. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: This honestly felt like a much easier episode to change because it\'s all set up by the Doctor, their roles in the story and what happens to them is pretty much entirely dictated by him - the first couple episodes were just things happening *to* him (a lot harder to change and keep continuity). Regarding Sarah Jane: I really think that she exaggerated her pining anyway in the face of Ten being so flippant about what he\'d done to her. No such need with Nine. Anyway, thank you so much for the review! Your stories are absolutely amazing so that\'s a huge compliment for me :)

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