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Reviews For All Human Ills

Lilac Flowers2010.01.12 - 10:42AM1: Chapter 1Signed
The last bit was purely and simply golden.

Author's Response: Heee, it was one of my favorites! Thanks!

Alies2009.08.15 - 01:55PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Brilliant once again.
Love how you changes things in the episodes. Makes it interesting =D

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s a fun process :-D

time_lady2009.07.27 - 11:41PM2: Chapter 2Signed

Author's Response: Haha, thanks!

ARoseByAnotherName2009.07.25 - 01:49PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Wow, this alt!verse is really interesting. I hope you had as much fun writing it as it is to read it.

Author's Response: Hehe, it\'s certainly entertaining (though rather exhausting at times!)

Settiai2009.02.11 - 06:16PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Thanks!

genrou2009.01.24 - 10:24AM1: Chapter 1Signed
"Have imaginary conversations with me a lot, do you?" He quirked a brow.
^__________^ yup, i know i'm chock full of imaginary conversations.

its definately interesting to see how he season progresses if it were with the ninth doctor.

Author's Response: Thanks! I have imaginary conversations with Nine all the time, he resides in my brain and mocks my life choices >_<

lemongirl2008.12.23 - 10:35PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I love how there's enough basis in the show that I know what's going to happen, but it's also unique enough that you can add your own plot twists. You write all the characters very well. For some reason after the name Cassandra there was always a little triangle and a number, and I doubt that was intentional. Other than that, I don't think I spotted many errors. I love how 9 solved this differently than 10 would, and you're right -- 9 would never have let her take another elevator.

Author's Response: No, that was actually her name, hee. Lady Cassandra O\'Brien-dot-delta-seventeen. ∆ = delta. Thank you! This was actually my first \'real\' DW story, so I\'m extra-pleased that people liked the characterizations :)

arnarta2008.09.20 - 07:00AM2: Chapter 2Signed
This is really good. I've been looking around for a story like this. I like the part where the Ninth Doctor wouldn't let Rose sit on his jacket. Just the sort of thing he would say :) Keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: Heeee the jacket is sacred :-D Thank you!!

Damedemort2008.08.18 - 08:43AM2: Chapter 2Signed
I love how the plot twists into different situations, with Nine instead of Ten solving what's going on. Oh, I miss Nine :(
I really enjoyed how Nine and Rose interacted, very true to form. I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: I know, I miss Nine too! Chris Eccleston...sigh. More is coming! Tooth and Claw is about, oh, 30% done...

FYF2008.08.18 - 04:22AM2: Chapter 2Signed
I remember someone ever asked for this kind of fic in hearts_in_time, was it you? Anyway, I love this story of yours. It's good that you didn't just write based on Ten's adventures, but you modified it so that it suits Nine's characters. Looking forward to the next story in this series. Well done!

Author's Response: Heh...yeah that was me. I was so saddened by the responses that I had to just do it myself... Glad you liked! I tried really hard to change the adventure, haha.

HonorH2008.08.17 - 09:38PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Great take on this episode! You alter it enough that it's really Nine--you're not putting Ten's lines in his mouth, and you changed how things happened in a realistic way. Excellent, and I look forward to more in this series.

Author's Response: Yay! I\'m glad you liked, that\'s pretty much what I was going for - I wanted to take the situation and have Nine deal with it, not give Ten a Northern accent and call it a new adventure...thank you! :)

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