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manyshadesoflove2008.12.18 - 10:40AM8: EpilogSigned
This entire fic has confused, confunded and confuzzled me. But still I love it. It's got a lovely qauality that really takes you from exuberance to fear. Beautiful work, and I too hope for some more. xx

Author's Response: I have to laugh. I remember watching Doctor Who in my teens wondering what in the world... it was so different from all the relatively polished sci-fi of the US where everything was spelled out. Thank you for your review and sticking with the story.

ClocketPatch2008.12.18 - 02:52AM7: Chapter 7Signed
words do not suffice.

I took your advice and listened to Martha's theme while reading. The end result was me swinging from giggling wildly at the Doctor and the Rani's Academy-old drama-fest, to being near in tears by the end. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Oh, I love the Rani. Thank you so much for your comments and sticking with the story.

MissJulie2008.12.17 - 09:57PM8: EpilogSigned
This is the end?! Holy hell, what? B-but...

You've convinced me. Martha and Tom are so lovely together. I'm so glad you gave John AltMartha's family. I'm so glad you wrote Rose in a respective, thoughtful light. I'm so glad the Doctor has realized that what he wants doesn't always translate into what he really gets. And thank you for making River so formidable.
Me hopes there is more up your sleeve?

Author's Response: Yes. We have to take a closer look at that Guardian Race and discover how the Rani met them. I love River. Thanks to Moffat for making her a strong, no nonsense woman.

purpleant2008.12.09 - 02:48PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Well this chapter killed any hope of Martha being alive. Even though there are other versions of her, it's not the same. please update soon.
Thank you

Author's Response: No it\'s not the same\'but the new being could not exist except for Martha. Thanks for reading. Working on final chapter.

purpleant2008.12.09 - 02:44PM6: Chapter 4Signed
As a big Martha and Tom shipper, I loved learning about how their alt versions became a couple. Also, the pairing of the Master and Martha is both weird and intriguing.
Thank you

Author's Response: I liked the idea of Martha showing the Master that there was hope beyond the cold and the Darkness; she seems the type to believe that although mankind is finite, life and the universe is infinite and ever changing and that would give him hope.

ClocketPatch2008.11.23 - 12:25AM6: Chapter 4Signed
I'm only half understanding I think, but that's a good thing. There's such an epic quality to all of this.

Author's Response: Thanks for comment and your support. I hope things will seem clearer the next chapter.

rutsky2008.11.22 - 03:14PM7: Chapter 7Signed
This is one of the most wildly inventive stories I have read in some time, and I am constantly impressed, stymied, amused, saddened, made joyful and overwhelmed by everything you present us. Extremely worthwhile!

Author's Response: wow. I cna create something to maatch your praise. Thanks for reading and the encouraging review.

ClocketPatch2008.11.22 - 12:48AM5: Interlude IISigned
This story is so richly complex that I'm having trouble finding time to read it because I don't want to just rush through, but to savour the chapters as they deserve. The references to Two and Jamie -- and the mental image of Two in a kilt, were fantastically well placed and left me with half and smile, half a tear, and Jamie's accent echoing in my inner ear.

Author's Response: I\'ve been watching the few clips that survive of Jamie and Two and you can\'t help but love them. I think Martha\'s character would have fit in so well with the themes of the sixties.

MissJulie2008.11.21 - 07:40PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Oh. My. God. Freaky stuff is happening here, and I can't articulate intelligently, only babble like a 15 year old.
I had hope that Martha, Tom's Martha was still alive, that she only transported somewhere, but she's really dead. Never had I felt for Tom more, and I don't usually read Martha/Tom fics, only yours. The ending took my breath away, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: You should take a gander at OldLady\'s \"Her Doctor\" It\'s a very charming story of Martha and Tom\'s courtship. I like making my favorite characters suffer so their triumphs are all the more wondeful. Some of Martha did survive--there will be more to explain in the next chapter.

manyshadesoflove2008.11.21 - 02:50PM7: Chapter 7Signed
8D Well that has confused the hell out of me, which has somehow made me love it even more! My fave line: He begs Martha to rise and come fly away to safety with him, but she walks towards Death. Very poignant. I'm really enjoying this story. I look forwards to the next part!

Author's Response: I\'m playing a bit with choas theory and the philosophy of the Ideal. I\'m so glad you\'re having fun with the Sstory. I enjoyed writing Tom\'s dream.

ClocketPatch2008.10.20 - 05:05PM3: Chapter 2Signed
I just found this and am completely, utterly enthralled.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading. And thank you so much for leaving a review.

MissJulie2008.10.10 - 05:09PM6: Chapter 4Signed
Okay, first, John and Tom hanging out, awesome. Second, the Master once more with his and Martha's kids, superduper awesome. Your writing style is sooo smart and engaging and just keeps me rooted to this series!

Author's Response: I\'m happy you\'re having fun reading this. I\'m enjoying watching old episodes with Susan. Romana. and Ace and the other Docters for reference. Thanks for the reviews.

purpleant2008.09.27 - 12:07AM5: Interlude IISigned
Thanks for updating, I have really missed this story. Sometimes the Doctor can be a real asshole; I hate it when he and Martha argue. At least they met some interesting people in ancient Egypt.

Author's Response: He truly was a butt with Martha, trying to recapture all his memories with Rose... I\'m working on the next chapter now, should up date sometime at the beginning of next week.

alittle2happy2008.09.26 - 02:00PM5: Interlude IISigned
:) i really like the originality of your story

your martha is very well written and your capture her in a great way!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading . I hope to update soon

MissJulie2008.09.20 - 09:03PM5: Interlude IISigned
Interesting update. I'm glad you're still here. I really look forward to your stories.

Nice interlude, with Martha and Ten in Egypt. I like how the Doctor makes assumptions as to why she would want to go to Egypt and how she just keeps surprising him.

Author's Response: I want the next chapter to make sense. Thanks for reading. I thought until Torchwood Marthas profession was forgotten . And you did not get the feeling the docter appreciated it except in smith and jones

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