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Reviews For Alien Abduction

Kittenmommy2011.04.20 - 03:25PM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
Excellent so far!

Only one (minor) nitpick: it's the Veterans Administration (when referring to the hospitals - usually shortened to "the VA"), or Veterans Affairs (when referring to the benefit system), not Veterans' Association.

Other than that, this is outstanding. I love the mental picture of the Doctor in a serape - he could totally pull off that look!

And the experiments are creepy. I suspect that those scientists have bitten off more than they can chew!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D Heheh - showing my Britishness there, I think...! I agree - I can totally see Tom as a sort of gunslinger figure, really. And yes, they are a bit... Funny you should mention biting... O.o Thanks for reading, and glad you\'re enjoying it so far.

golden orange2009.06.14 - 04:39AM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
Great stuff! I love how you balance the happy-go-lucky humour of the Four / Romana II era with some really quite dark Lovecraftian-horror stuff very effectively, and manage to tie it in with the whole 1960s counterculture-versus-conspiracy culture vibe very nicely.

And nice to see K-9 going badass on the unmarked black helicopters as well.

Author's Response: Heheh, yeah, K-9; that was one of my favourite parts of this too! Thank you very much for your kind words and I\'m very glad that you enjoyed this. It is a bit of a contrast between the Four-Romana stuff and the evildoing of Dr Dietz, but I\'m glad the combination works for you. I think all of that conspiracy theory, military-industrial complex stuff is the flipside of the counterculture, lurking in the background as it were. Anyway, thanks again for reading!

whovian422009.04.07 - 02:31PM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
adding another review just to say ten in the haight!!!! we could collborate, if you're interested, but please do write that in any case just for the sheer joy of the electric kool aid acid test. oooh mebbe a rambling dylan tossed in for fun.

Author's Response: See, it\'s from throwaway remarks like that that fics are born! I think I\'d be a very bad collaborationist, to be honest, with my WIPs and nearly-WIPs and prevarication and procrastination, but I\'d be more than interested to see anything you might like to produce along those lines. In fact, I\'m saying; Do it! Do it so I can read it! And I might get around to it myself one day, and then we could compare versions. But in any case, you\'re right; it deserves further consideration.

PencilGuardian2008.12.24 - 11:05AM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
*steeples fingers* EXcellent!!

This has a definite X-files feel to it; I'm loving it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much; that\'s very much where I was coming from when I was writing it; the X-Files and all that associates 90s-era UFO mythology. I loved that show nearly as much as Who. Of course, CSM and co didn\'t ever have to tangle with an enemy like the Doctor...

Stressfactor2008.10.05 - 05:39PM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
*Punches fist in air in giddy glee at such a good Four/Romana adventure followed by sadness that it is over*

If you do not mind a little constructive criticism though... For me, personally, I don't know if I would have had the flash-forward to Vance's meeting there at the start of the chapter. It telegraphed that he and therefore probably Chavez as well would survive. Leaving it off would let the audience wonder how many more people may not make it out before the end.

Aside from that -- brilliant! And I love the little hint that the Doctor and Romana are headed for "Shada" next... well, or "The Five Doctors" -- however you like your continuity scrambled.

Author's Response: I think you raise a good point regarding the flashback thing - it\'s something that occurred to me after I\'d posted it; I don\'t really know why I did it that way and you\'re right that it takes the tension somewhat out of the climax. I mean, we sort of know that Four and Romana will get out alive, but we may as well be kept guessing about the supporting cast. I\'m also interested to know if anyone thinks that Vance\'s about face from spineless/conflicted baddie to helping hand is a bit sudden, cos looking back I\'m not very convinced myself. Anyway, glad to know that you enjoyed the rest of it, and thanks for the encouragement and feedback. I really enjoyed writing about Four and Romana and may well do so again at some point in the not too distant future.

eve112008.08.03 - 07:33AM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
Oh, fantastic so far! I hope you write more of this :) Loved the Doctor and Romana with the locals, too funny. "Don't mind her, she's from Belgium." ha!

(Hey, is Col. Lydecker the same Col. Lydecker from Dark Angel? Well, his dad or grandfather, anyway ;) Long family history of creepy human augmentation/experimentation?)

Author's Response: Thanks very much - glad you enjoyed this. Coming up with suitably snappy Doc-Romana dialogue was the hardest part of writing it. As for Lydecker - I just liked the name, but the Dark Angel connection certainly seems to fit.

ClocketPatch2008.08.02 - 01:31PM1: Part One: The Good, The Bad And The UglySigned
*shudders* The creepy is on. I have a bad feeling about what might be happening to the Doctor and Romana soon...

So far this is excellent. The Doctor-Romana banter had me literally laughing out loud. You have their characterisation down to a tee. I'm looking forward to more of this.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for your comments - I spent the 1990s reading far too much of that UFO conspiracy stuff, so I\'d thought I\'d put some of it to good use here. I really like writing Four and Romana - my second favourite Doc/companion pair after Seven/Ace. I originally intended this to be quite light and humorous, but then I started writing all of this sub-Lovecraft stuff about dark gods and human blood and that. I don\'t know what\'ll happen when we pit Four and Romana\'s happy-go-luckyness against the darkness...we might get some Angry Four action.

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