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RoseByAnyOtherName2014.05.18 - 09:30PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Short and sweet, but brilliantly done.

BringingTardisBack2013.09.19 - 11:40AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I had to take some time to calm down before I could write this. To be short, you both broke and mended my heart. Truly fantastic.

toritherobyn2013.04.07 - 01:24AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This was amazing. Donna's story was always the most tragic, in my opinion, and this just makes it so much easier to bear.

Head canon officially accepted!

were_lemur2012.03.12 - 12:49AM1: Chapter 1Signed
*claps and cheers*

Just out of curiosity, is "Ada" a reference to Ada Lovelace?

goleida2011.10.10 - 03:24AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh my darling, this was absolutely lovely! If you'd consider it, I think a sequel with Ada's meeting the Doctor and Donna's slap-happy reunion would be fantastic. Think about it, hon, this little gem was so fabulous, I know you'd do justice to another in the same 'verse. *gives cookie*

Olivethebreloom2011.06.06 - 09:27PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Very nice and very sweet, you captured Donna's voice perfectly. Also, I love the juxtaposition between the first Doctor and Donna.

call me fred2010.06.02 - 11:03PM1: Chapter 1Signed
What an amazing story. I don't really know what else to say, other than it was... Awesome. I loved it. :)

lemongirl2009.03.13 - 12:37PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is just perfect! It would be just awful to leave Donna like that ... not even remembering what she'd missed. And traveling with her granddaughter -- just right! Actually, if you wanted to continue this, I'm sure you'd have loads of interested readers... *hint, hint*

Uncle Dark2008.12.30 - 03:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, that was fun. Thank you.

SailorPtah2008.10.24 - 12:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
The title is perfect.

Totemaster2008.08.23 - 02:21PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This fic melted my heart. The last line was the best.

TARDIS_stowaway2008.08.18 - 05:05PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Here from calufrax. I want to give this story a great big hug and feed it cookies, because it gave me equivalent feelings of happiness. Yay for DoctorDonna!

Ms Gypsy2008.08.18 - 03:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Bless you and all your descendents for this. It's exactly what needs to happen and it was a lot of fun to read, too.

Laurus Nobilis2008.08.18 - 02:22PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, this is *brilliant*. And I love that last line. :D

such_heights2008.08.18 - 12:07PM1: Chapter 1Signed
The last line made me FLAIL ENORMOUSLY, omg. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

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