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Shen2009.04.15 - 12:45AM1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL, thanks. Now I want a hot dog.

Author's Response: I try :)

ShadowedHand2009.02.21 - 02:24AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Crazy funny. :D

Author's Response: THANKS :)

Daydreamer2008.06.21 - 04:02AM1: Chapter 1Signed
It's marvellous how you've captured the voice and personality of each Doctor distinctly in just a few short paragraphs on each. Particularly like the 1st Doctor's disdain :P And it's hotdogs! Quite possibly the best food in the world!

Author's Response: lol thanks!!!

MichAre1a2008.06.21 - 01:44AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Lol! "Why do you think I keep saving this planet" Best line ever, hehehe :-D

Author's Response: that was ALL my sister. LOL

rutsky2008.06.20 - 12:14AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This made me smile; I'm a hotdog lover, and it makes sense that (most) iterations of the Doctor would like them.

(And now, forgive me, but the old editor in me forces me to ask a quick editorial question: in the final section, eighth paragraph, it looks as if there are two thoughts battling - you have the Doctor "instantly forgetting about the ice cream" and then, in the very next sentence, you have him staring longingly at the ice cream. Did you mean to do that, or did something get garbled in the translation? I hope you don't mind me asking: I don't take the time to do it unless it's a writer I truly like - and I've long since favorited you!)

Author's Response: I guess I should have made it clear he was going back to the thought of ice cream :) he moves away from ice cream when he gets to explain something, but goes back when he\'s done. If i get a chance, I may fix that!

ninewood2008.06.19 - 07:28PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This was really good. I agree with Donna. Grilled hotdgs are the best!

Author's Response: thanks :)

DarthMar2008.06.19 - 12:15PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Brought a smile to my face...especially the last one...do they even still sell those ice creams?

Author's Response: as far as I know, yes :) glad you enjoyed!!

Vanderslice2008.06.19 - 06:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
loved this! It was great how you went through almost every Doctor.

Author's Response: Almost ;) Hehe. Thanks !!

little batti2008.06.19 - 05:56AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm with the Doctor. Grilled is the way to go! Those boiled ones are just creepy.

This was great.

Author's Response: Grilled are creepy! Glad you enjoyed!

sinecure2008.06.19 - 03:10AM1: Chapter 1Signed
As a hot dog lover, I say more power to you, Doctor. You tell those naysayers.

Hmmm, you seemed to have skipped the Fifth Doctor? Heh. Hot dogs don't go with celery? ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, there were a few I did skip. Hotdogs probably DONT go with celery ;)

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