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Gallifrey Immigrant2014.10.26 - 05:59PM1: --Signed
One of the first stories I read on here, and still somewhat part of my headcnon, despite the presence of the War Doctor. BRAVO!

DocAwesome2014.02.04 - 02:57AM1: --Signed
Fascinated by the timefire. Is that an original concept? Well done!

Yamx2012.01.08 - 04:58PM1: --Signed
Painful but fantastic. Thank you!

angryapricot2011.06.13 - 04:37PM1: --Signed
Oh, bravo. Good pacing, structure, and lovely prose. Truly belongs in the small pool of plausible 8th/9th Doctor transition tales. Thank you!

Saun2010.11.09 - 10:32PM1: --Signed
This was quite compelling, thank you for writing it.

Gwen2010.02.10 - 03:30PM1: --Signed
This was excellent, a well paced stuggle without over angst.

elisi2009.12.18 - 04:22AM1: --Signed
Incredible story, and the most perfect FitB I've ever read. *is in awe*

moonmama2009.12.15 - 09:29PM1: --Signed
Here via calufrax. This is gorgeous, just gorgeous.

eve112009.12.14 - 08:32PM1: --Signed
Brilliant. Horrifying. Scary. Hopeful. Wow.

Curuchamion2009.12.14 - 07:44PM1: --Signed
Oh, wow. I love Eight/Nine regeneration fics - got quite a collection of good ones, but this is absolutely the best I've seen. Thank you.

(Here via Calufrax, btw...)

Shen2009.01.29 - 04:54AM1: --Signed
Well-done; great pacing!

Glory_Jean2009.01.28 - 11:15PM1: --Signed
I found this story through a rec post - and I'm very glad I did.

This story spans hope and despair effortlessly. Quite an accomplishment. This is the type of writing that stays with you. Thank you for sharing this.

TheOtherWillow_2009.01.28 - 10:16AM1: --Signed
There are some stories that have integrated themselves into my own personal version of canon - this is one of them. The show may never show us the last few moments of the Timewar, and it will definitely never show us it's immediate, personal, aftermath for the Doctor. As far as I'm concerned, they don't have to. You've done it for them, and I have a hard time believing that anything they put on the screen to replace it could possibly measure up. I just wanted to tell you that and let you know that I'd submitted this marvelous story on Gallifreyan Dreams (http://community.livejournal.com/unsung_dw/) as a rec so that other people may enjoy it as much as I did.

rutsky2008.06.02 - 04:45PM1: --Signed
I can't tell you enough how absolutely brilliant this is. All of the things I could say about your pacing, your willingness to write the words that hurt, your fertile but disciplined imagination, the beauty of the language you use - it would all seem rather scattered. I'll just say that you've been favorited, that this story has, and that I look forward to more of your work.

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