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call me fred2009.01.29 - 10:47PM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
As a present to you, I need to write you a present. Anything prompt you want me to do? I love writing, and I love giving presents, so I figure it'd be double awesome to write you a present, right?

call me fred2009.01.28 - 09:51PM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
Did you hear that squeak just now? That was me, rereading this and being reminded that this was a present to me! I still love it, even after nearly a year (can you believe our birthdays our coming up pretty soon?). Oh, and because I think it'd make a lot of people happy, I'm rewriting the Direct Descendant story. I just need to decide whether to keep the name of it or not.

Author's Response: You\'re so sweet to say that! It\'s hard to believe that our birthdays are coming up so soon (I enjoyed the thought more when I was your age).

Vicky Smith2008.10.30 - 06:01AM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
Oh... my breaking heart is breaking even more. David leaving after the four specials & Christmas... I can't believe how much it has hit me... My only hope is that RTD re-unite 10 and Rose in one of the specials. I've written a short angsty fic to try and help with my grief... just waiting for it to be validated....

Author's Response: It\'s hard to imagine the show without him. I haven\'t been this traumatized about a regeneration since Tom Baker left. Going over to check out your story now.

Vicky Smith2008.10.29 - 11:43PM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
Well, I've seen that you're back... hope you had a good break. Looking forward to seeing if the plot bunnies have been scampering around your ankles....!!!

Author's Response: I had a lovely time. The bunnies have been seen lurking about....

frin tennant2008.10.28 - 06:21PM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
What a lovely happy tender moment!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Vicky Smith2008.10.22 - 08:12AM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
Have a great holiday... look forward to seeing some fic from you when you return!! ( no pressure, honest! )

Author's Response: Guess I better pack my notebook and pen :)

Vicky Smith2008.10.22 - 02:30AM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
I agree. When I first saw JE, I was sort of okay with it... but now, not at all! I'm v. worried about SM taking over from RTD. Patently, he doesn't like Rose... and that has what the last four series have really been about. I find this site v. cathartic... whisper to your plot bunnies... and try to start again, please?!

Author's Response: SM worries me a bit, too. Maybe my vacation (I leave tomorrow) will get the plot bunnies happy again. I really would like to write again.

Vicky Smith2008.10.21 - 02:37AM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
By the way, are you going to write more? I really think you should... unless you're writing somewhere else. But I love the idea of Rose writing and her beautiful home... but most of all I love them all being together... a family...

Author's Response: I had planned at least one more story to wrap up the series, but then JE came along and scared all my plot bunnies away. I haven\'t really written anything recently. Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy writing and it\'s been frustrating to have writer\'s block.

Vicky Smith2008.10.20 - 10:39AM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
Beautiful, I love this. I love the way that you write, pictures form instantly in my head.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You\'re making me blush.

The10thDoctorsLove2008.05.13 - 04:23AM1: Ancient LullabiesSigned
Absolutely perfect.So sweet.I can totally picture Ten in that situation.Please write more.I love your style!:)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review. I\'m glad you liked it.

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