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AtomicCupcake2011.10.09 - 11:25PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
I just woke my toddler up snort laughing at the Alien Pervert bit. Thank you.

TARDIS_stowaway2008.06.30 - 10:28PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
You've caused me to embarrass myself by laughing out loud in the coffee shop where I was reading this. Wonderful crack fic, very Ten and Donna. Right at the end the 36 times and never meaning it accusation added a touch of poignancy.

Author's Response: thanks glad u enjoyed!!

marn_barn2008.05.25 - 06:08PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
"You bloody pervert alien!" :P haha great story.

Author's Response: thanks!

Hudine2008.05.06 - 10:23PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
LOL that one has me still laughing. You really caught Dona spirit.

the funny thing is I can actually see it :D

Author's Response: in general he needs slapped more :)

Cassie13082008.04.28 - 05:00AM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
XD Donna's just gotten another gold star from me...
“For marrying Rose thirty-six times, and never once meaning it!”

Great work. It made me smile, it made me laugh and it made me sad Rose isn't back yet.

Author's Response: awwwwww i didn\'t want to make you sad!!

LostRose2008.04.21 - 02:39PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
LOLLLL, just tickled me in the right place after a bad day. Please write more little ficlets. XD (P.S I love Donna.... she's so awsum)

Author's Response: will consider it :) thanks for encouragement

timeywimey2008.04.21 - 02:50AM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
Bwahahaha! This fic totally made my day! Thank you for sharing :o)

Sometimes a genetic transfer with a lot of tongue was just a genetic transfer with a lot of tongue.


Author's Response: Thanks!! Glad I could make your day a little brighter!

OtherMeWriter2008.04.21 - 12:11AM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
Well have to give Donna that last one, he deserved to be slapped for that.

Author's Response: he should be slapped for a lot of things. That was one of many ;)

Jula2008.04.20 - 11:50PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
I loved how you capitalized 'Special Games". It made that much more funny! Heeeee!

Author's Response: Punctuation and capitalization are very, very important ;)

Shen2008.04.20 - 11:08PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
He had a feeling it was sending a wrong message, somewhere, in marrying Martha twice to get out of various situations that were completely not his fault. But Martha was always getting some message out of something she shouldn’t.

Lol, oh dear. And ROFL magic mushrooms. In other news, Donna is the champion for all things good in the universe. XD

Author's Response: lol glad you enjoyed

ninewood2008.04.20 - 11:06PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
I can see why Donna got mad. But he was also married on Gallifrey, too, and as John Smith, sorta.

Author's Response: it\'s a lot of times for a dude incapable of forming lasting personal relationship LOL

saavik132008.04.20 - 10:22PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
lol. 36? That's hilarious. Donna had every right to slap him for Rose's sake!

Author's Response: Thirty-six :)

RudeAndNotGinger1372008.04.20 - 09:31PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
That was practically being married FOREVER in celebrity years
This line made me crack up... AND IT'S TRUE!!

Oh this fic just made my day! Really!

I am still smiling while writing this review!

But the last line really made me think...Donna is so right...
*runs up and gives Donna a big hug*
Only Donna slap the Doctor and call him "Sunshine"

Author's Response: cos he deserves it :) Thank you!!

Shadow in Eden2008.04.20 - 06:14PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
Come to think of it, she wouldn’t have slapped him, or called him Sunshine.

Well, unless he asked her to.

Hehehehehe! ^-^ Wonderful. Oh, and Donna's parting line was brill. Very in character and sadly, probably true.

Author's Response: Thanks very much :)

DavidsGirl8414442008.04.20 - 05:43PM1: Think again, Sunshine.Signed
She doesn't know what shement and it could have whoa 36 times special girl.

Author's Response: It\'s certainly up for interpretation!

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