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chr0m02011.10.01 - 06:36PM1: Page 1Signed
oh my god i fell in love. i giggle and question my sainity now!

pipkinsweetgrass2011.05.12 - 02:08AM8: Page 8Signed
I love this so much I even read all the reviews, LOL! I adore all of it and 9? OMG!!! Please let me link to this?

brstor2011.02.07 - 02:16AM8: Page 8Signed
I am sooo glad I found you, this is sooo incredibly funny. Keep it up I love Ianto and his Lisa doll!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Miss Snazzy2010.10.14 - 03:49AM8: Page 8Signed
Oh this just got so much better! Nine playing the role of father... LOVE IT. I absolutely love this. I might die from the adorableness. I love that the Doctor is still the smartest of the bunch, what with his comment about the wheel. Rose is just too cute. It's so cute how she has a Dalek as a friend. Lmao. Bob.

Author's Response: Bob is a respectable name among the Daleks, I don\'t know what you\'re talking about ;)

Yamx2009.09.12 - 03:43AM8: Page 8Signed
Oh, God. I was ALMOST dying with laughter at the Rose/Beast conversation, it got worse when Bob ran to the rescue, but the final page pushed me over the edge.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

SadieHyde2009.01.09 - 08:26AM8: Page 8Signed
God, poor Nine. This is fantastic. I'm counting on Bob to save the day. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: thanks! We\'re glad you enjoyed!

jekyll2008.11.12 - 05:30AM8: Page 8Signed
LOVE this. I'm just catching up.

Author's Response: glad you\'re enjoying!

ClocketPatch2008.11.12 - 02:17AM8: Page 8Signed
OmGOSH! This is such wonderful, wonderful win! And cuteness! I may die of cuteness, but then... SURPRISE NINE!!!!!

just when you think it can't get any better...

Author's Response: Why thank you!

LeaPiper2008.09.26 - 05:00PM1: Page 1Signed
ow you made my cherry soda go up my nose!great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!

LeaPiper2008.09.26 - 04:57PM1: Page 1Signed
ow you made my cherry soda go up my nose!great story!

Author's Response: :)

Faile Neume2008.09.19 - 08:04AM8: Page 8Signed


*gives cookies*

Author's Response: We\'re both glad you enjoyed it so much!

Pitry2008.09.11 - 09:25AM8: Page 8Signed
Surprise nine! Bob to the rescue! Wheeee.

Author's Response: bob make everything better!

Sammy Girl2008.08.31 - 05:25PM8: Page 8Signed
Bob the dalek to the rescue - LOL I love it!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed!

Rebecca2008.07.17 - 08:28AM8: Page 8Signed
Love it, love it, love it to pieces!

Author's Response: jigglykat and i love to be loved :)

emilchid1232008.06.01 - 04:54PM1: Page 1Signed
can you do part 3 soon i love this its great i love lil' ianto hes dead cute

Author's Response: we\'re working on it!

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