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anunearthlydalek2014.02.09 - 10:35PM1: Today's case studySigned
Hilarious and brilliant! :-)

The_Omni2012.09.28 - 01:00AM1: Today's case studySigned
And THAT is why I love Number 1 so much!!!!!!!

RobotRollCall2012.07.31 - 02:54PM1: Today's case studySigned
This was quite clever and funny.
"Eye contact is essential in courtship. I mean, if you donít look at her, she could run away." I laughed out loud.

mericat2011.07.22 - 06:17AM1: Today's case studySigned
Absolutely hilarious and true to form. Yes, the first doctor would act like that (not so sure he was oblivious, but he certainly would feel that his companion should not have such low morals).. Poor Ben, and the mention of Polly seals his fate. Enjoyed your style of writing, too and the POV with the narrator.

halftimelord2010.06.14 - 09:11AM1: Today's case studySigned
That was hilarious :') I can totally imagine Ben doing something like that, and One is really well written as well. Great work.

Karen Love2010.01.16 - 12:29AM1: Today's case studySigned
I loved your quick wit about the wife. I'm a more moderm dr who fan, but i greatly enjoyed this! Definently going to my favorites.

stellastars2009.09.20 - 06:58PM1: Today's case studySigned
This was good fun to read! You excel at writing One (seriously, his voice is perfection here!) and did wonderfully with Ben, too. I enjoyed the format of this story, with the changes in POV, and Dr. Ball was a great vehicle for humor. Brilliant story.

broken_toaster2009.01.09 - 05:11PM1: Today's case studySigned
I loved this story. I'm not familiar with the classic series but this was just a good story on it's own without even knowing anything about the characters.

mat5282008.11.11 - 05:07PM1: Today's case studySigned
Very very funny! I loved every scene, and the characterizations of Ben, Polly and Doctor Number One were so good, I could swear I heard Bill Hartnell, Anneke Wills, and Michael Craze in the room!!

tangerine2008.10.13 - 07:24AM1: Today's case studySigned
That sounded /exactly/ like One. Great story.

Kafaraqgatri2008.09.04 - 02:46AM1: Today's case studySigned

This fic rally suited all the charaters. Very well written.

To my favourites, I think.


Kafaraqgatri2008.09.04 - 02:46AM1: Today's case studySigned

This fic rally suited all the charaters. Very well written.

To my favourites, I think.


MelindaKitty2007.10.07 - 09:56PM1: Today's case studyAnonymous


Your use of changing POV and tone really work for the story, keeping it tongue-in-cheek, but still in the moment enough to be satisfying. Moreover, I compliment your ability to draw us into the humour of the situation without requiring any prior knowledge.

I came late to the show (4th Doctor and now rabid fan of #10), so I don't know the characters well enough to get all the jokes, but I laughed all the same.

Skillfully done.

*gives two circle snaps and an Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmm!*

haraheart2007.04.25 - 11:43AM1: Today's case studySigned
Your sense of humour is very ... um ... British (and I can say that, being British and all) Have you ever thought of writing comedy scripts? (But nothing with Robin Asquith, window cleaners or confessions)

Author's Response: I\'ve written comedy scripts for a number of years now, mainly on forums. Over the last year I\'ve had a few of my shows performed on stage so I\'m on the tenuously early steps of forging a career. :-)

Lily2007.02.02 - 10:08AM1: Today's case studySigned
What a brilliant story! Trust the Doctor to go and ruin things!!

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