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Reviews For Time King

MichAre1a2007.12.26 - 11:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Hehehe, Dentist, hehehe, very nice :-D

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed!

Fizzix2007.12.26 - 04:57PM1: Chapter 1Signed
You make me LOL. I love you. Really. It's fantastic fun, seeing the e-mail notification that you've got a new story out! It's like Christmas (regardless of the date, really!). It was kind of off-putting to think of Ten in a purple suit. I'm going to be itching to keep myself from using GIMP to cobble that together. Really.

Author's Response: Oh come on, you know you want to!!! magenta! like the joker!!!!

Nebularific2007.12.26 - 11:28AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Wonderful! The alt!doctor (dentist) that Rose just lets keep on walking...

I kinda like the missing first U in TAURUS. It says something about the Time Kings in general and how they [don't] think.

Author's Response: LOL. very much LOL. glad you enjoyed and can justify the missing u LOL

TARDIS_stowaway2007.12.26 - 10:58AM1: Chapter 1Signed
The Dentist! Ha!!! That's inspired. I also simply loved the description of the phone booth as being like from Bill & Ted! Most excellent, dude!

One thing: TAURUS. Terra-Analog Resource for Underachievement and Sterility.
Where's the first U come from?

Author's Response: SHOOT. It was 2 in the morning, I thought I was being clever... LOL darn. I\'ll haveta think of something. Maybe I can run a contest LOL

AnnieO2007.12.26 - 08:59AM1: Chapter 1Signed
He gestured to the box behind him. ďIím the Dentist. That is my TAURUS. Terra-Analog Resource for Underachievement and Sterility. Goodness. I donít know what a Time Lord is, but they sound likeÖ stuffy things. Iím a Time King. From Gallabee. But I thank you for your interest. Now if you donít mindÖĒ

OK that just had me rolling on the floor laughing. Thanks girl I needed that!

Author's Response: Just doin\' my part :)

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