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Reviews For Pants

Violet2008.07.08 - 12:27PM1: Chapter 1Signed
haha, Jack on a sugar high and cookie dough rolling down the doctor's coat-back! Poor nine!

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed!!

MichAre1a2007.12.26 - 11:43PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Hehehehehhee, that was great! I'd love to see a sequel, heh, fantastic :-D

Author's Response: thanks very much!!!

Daydreamer2007.12.25 - 10:06AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Aww, poor Doctor!

...Although my sympathy for him is outweighed by the funniness of how I imagine the next scene to be.

So, on second thoughts...Go Jack! :D

Author's Response: are you... encouraging him ;)

Fizzix2007.12.25 - 07:10AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Iz amusing, and the first thing I read today. Happy Fizzix. I'd get you something, but I'm not certain what kind of reception you get on intarweb cookies. You can has anywayz.

I mean... I'm going to be trying desperately not to think about the sequel until it happens. Or something.

Author's Response: A sequel!! No peer pressure or anything!!

ThroughanAmberFocus2007.12.25 - 06:05AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, you have to continue this. What a lovely way to start my Christmas morning.

Author's Response: LOL i\'ll think about continuing it :)

AnnieO2007.12.25 - 03:43AM1: Chapter 1Signed
lol! loved it girl! and I agree it needs Jack prooving his theory!

Author's Response: lol are you trying to peer pressure me ;)

Kynaii2007.12.25 - 02:49AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Yes, yes, a sequel!
I want to see them try to de-pants the Doctor!

Author's Response: no peer pressure there ;)

ClocketPatch2007.12.25 - 01:56AM1: Chapter 1Signed

*wipes tear out of eye*

That might be the best Christmas gift I've got so far, 'course I haven't actually openned anything yet, but the point still stands.

You made me laugh out loud and startle Santa Claus. He fell off the roof. So now I probably won't be getting any other presents. Which is okay.

Because this is just about awesome enough to make up for that.

(and I'm not sure it was Santa anyway. It might have just been some random crazy guy in a red suit. In which case he shouldn't have been on my roof anyway...)

Can you tell I'm tired?

Anyway, highly amusing.

Author's Response: you really do need to watch for those psycho-killers in red suits.

sonic_ed up2007.12.25 - 12:40AM1: Chapter 1Signed

That so deserves a sequel. XD

Author's Response: LOL ya think?? maybe!

sonic_ed up2007.12.25 - 12:39AM1: Chapter 1Signed

That so deserves a sequel. XD

Author's Response: like ur post ;)

Shen2007.12.25 - 12:38AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh god. XD Very amusing!

Author's Response: why thankyou :)

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