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AStitchInTimeToSave92008.03.06 - 04:57PM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
So...how does this storyline work if Jack is The Face of Boe? (And drawing from this story and extending it: what if Boe's pregnancies - including the one announced in The Long Game - are surrogate pregnancies for The Doctor's progeny?) Weird thoughts, huh?

Author's Response: hehehehe. I can\'t say ;)

MichAre1a2007.12.17 - 01:35AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
"Oh my god, my grandbaby’s a tentacle monster! I’ve seen those Japan-cartoons!”

Best.Line.Ever. Lol!!

Author's Response: awwwww FANKOOO!!!

Binah2007.12.12 - 03:42PM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned

Author's Response: cool :)

RudeAndNotGinger2007.12.12 - 02:20PM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
The crack! It burns!

O_o I think you've busted my brain too.


Author's Response: sweet :)

Raevyn2007.12.12 - 10:53AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
I think you've broken my brain. XD

Author's Response: then my work here is done :)

wmr2007.12.12 - 09:13AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
So that explains why the Face of Boe announced he was pregnant in the year 200,000! Clever!

And, no, Jack's never doing that again ;)

Author's Response: he\'d be a surrogate for a friend! well, when he has nothing better to do cos he\'s a big freakin\' head.

AnnieO2007.12.12 - 09:01AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
*Snerk* OH I so needed that this morning! Love the 25 month time line and the Face of Boe as "mum"

Author's Response: sweet :)

ThroughanAmberFocus2007.12.12 - 02:16AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
That was brilliantly funny. Got a real kick out of the jiggerypokery line. And the Face of Boe, that was inspired.

Author's Response: why thank you!

Willdew2007.12.12 - 01:32AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
ZOMG. This was just... just... wow. The "jiggerypokery" line and the "other child beds that start with c" line and the bit about the Face of Boe having visitation rights.... you have the best imagination ever. Seriously. Comedic genius.

Author's Response: aww *blushes* thanks :)

TARDIS_stowaway2007.12.12 - 01:29AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
Cracktastic! I love how Rose's first thought for a surrogate parent is Jack. Points to you for going all the way in really alien biology.

Author's Response: i\'m totally up on my alien anatomy and physiology ;)

lostwolf2007.12.12 - 01:11AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
‘nattery bloody alien oaf who made me an alien grandmother.’ hysterical - but 25 years!!!!!!!! Wow!

Author's Response: haha. Everybody always says the pregnancies are like... a year or maybe two. I wanted to go all out, baybee !!

Sundance2012007.12.12 - 12:31AM1: Tenticoo wape, ask me howSigned
Oh my gosh, this was hilarious! I can SO see Jackie attempting to club the Doctor with the phone! And I love Rose's reaction to the amount of time the pregnancy would last! Fantastic job!

Author's Response: sweet :) glad you enjoyed :)

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