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Reviews For Boys Toys 2

Bugeyedmonster22009.03.08 - 09:42PM1: Chapter 1Signed
"Wonder Woman said Batman was better." lol!

Okay, now you just know Jack would see that as a challenge. And I think Bruce is just a bit too straight to let Jack have a, erm, a spin. lol!

Okay, so maybe Tim wasn't that whiney in the comic when I read it, but I bought it for this fic. Loved Tim's last line. lol!

Jack would leave Bruce and boytoys (snerk) alone if Bruce would just.. well, Bruce never would, he's too um.. straight?

Fun fic. I enjoyed reading this one.

Author's Response: Bruce is too... Bruce LOL

TARDIS_stowaway2008.02.04 - 01:38AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Jack’s door flew open and he popped his head out. “Superman wasn’t able to!”

That is where I went from laughing to laughing hard enough to have difficulty breathing. This story is brilliant!

Author's Response: why thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

rea_p2008.01.07 - 09:07PM1: Chapter 1Signed
*snickers at Brucie* Although, honestly, i've never thought of Tim as whiny. Not when Chuck Dixon was writing him.. *coughs* Erm, wrong geek.

Yay story! Go WW for messing with the brains of some of the world's biggest undying egomaniacs! *glee!*

Author's Response: she HAS to have a dark side. She just has to.

roguewords_252007.12.16 - 07:59PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Hee! You know what needs to come next right? Wonder Woman's POV. Possibly involving a bet with Gwen and Tosh about who gives in first. *grins*

Really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Cool!! glad you did!!

aerotica2007.12.11 - 11:57AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Very funny. Although......I think I would rather enjoy reading the backstory from Cat Woman's point of view??

Author's Response: it was totally before they were dating ;) At least that\'s what JACK says ;)

MichAre1a2007.12.11 - 03:58AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Lol!! That was really funny, hehe. Really great, lol

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed!!!!

Shen2007.12.10 - 11:52PM1: Chapter 1Signed
The sentence, "Superman wasn't able to!" reduced me to helpless giggles. Good thing it was just pie, though. Unkillable or not, I don't think Jack would enjoy a broken pelvis.

That was hilarious.

Author's Response: THat\'d be a hot threesome... clark, lois, jack...

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