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Reviews For Port in a Storm

Foalen2008.04.02 - 01:20PM13: Chapter 12Signed
Thank you for recommending this series. Though I had already read part of it before you recommended it to me in the other review. XD

This was utterly charming and very well written. It's so wonderful seeing Sarah and the Doctor so happy. They both deserve a bit of happiness. And It feels right that if anyone has memories of the Doctor's home world it should be Sarah. I hope we will see some more Sarah/10 stories from you at some point where he remembers what happened. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Eight is such a charmer, it was easy to write it just based on his personality. And, erm, interesting suggestion. I hadn\'t considered a Sarah/10 story where he remembers what happened. Food for thought (and plot bunnies)...

dbskyler2008.02.08 - 08:19AM13: Chapter 12Signed
A beautiful story, and very well done. It's hard to put an older incarnation of the Doctor into serious jeopardy in a story, because we as readers all know that he *has* to survive, or at least regenerate. But you managed to insert real suspense into this, primarily with your powerful portrayal of Sarah and making us see things through her point of view. Sarah is my favorite companion, and you really did her justice in this story -- all of her dialogue and actions rang true, and I loved how you wrote the relationship between her and the Doctor. I also loved -- and was pleasantly surprised by -- the ending. Sarah's back on the TARDIS, with Eight, and the Time War is coming . . . definitely sounds like a sequel to me! Please?

Author's Response: Ah, thanks very much. So glad you felt I did Sarah justice, she\'s such a wonderful character and there is something about she and Eight together that I find just irresistible. Will try to work on a sequel...

dree2008.01.17 - 06:31PM13: Chapter 12Signed
I shall miss this very much. How lovely that Sarah gets further adventures with the Doctor, and how bittersweet for Romana, knowing what's to come.

Author's Response: Much appreciated! I have an Eight/Sarah sequel in mind, but it\'s not very well developed yet.

ClocketPatch2008.01.15 - 10:57PM13: Chapter 12Signed
I'm not sure if that ending is completely tragic or hopeful or what but it's definitely making my mouth goes wibble and my heartstrings do a little dance number.

There are more than a few squees at the party too.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I hope it\'s a little of both - which sums up their relationship, IMHO, and makes for some entertaining drama...

queenofhearts2008.01.13 - 07:06PM13: Chapter 12Signed
She was torn between wanting to mother him and wanting to kiss him senseless. - He does that to all of us, doesn't he? ;)

Fantastic. I loved every second of it!

Author's Response: Yes, he does. Glad you enjoyed this so much. Many thanks for your enthusiastic reviews!

Rangersyl2008.01.13 - 12:05PM13: Chapter 12Signed
That was a lot of fun -- thanks for sharing! I especially loved your Sarah Jane and how she really is the only person who understands what is going on.

Author's Response: You\'re very welcome. And thanks so much for reviewing!

queenofhearts2008.01.12 - 07:38PM12: Chapter 11Signed
Short, sweet and utterly lovely.

Author's Response: Then my work here is done :)

dree2008.01.11 - 04:58AM12: Chapter 11Signed
Words like "shatteringly happy" make me know that poor Sarah is going to have her heart broken all over again. I suppose the question is whether she will remember it. :(

This was a beautifully vivid rendition of Gallifrey.

Author's Response: Thank you. As for Sarah, well, stay tuned...

dree2008.01.11 - 04:56AM11: Chapter 10Signed
"there would be nothing proper about this one."
I was thinking this could be the starting point for an entirely different sort of story. :D

Author's Response: Oh yes. Indeed.

queenofhearts2008.01.08 - 06:32PM11: Chapter 10Signed
Aw! *squees* There's nothing else to say apart from that. *squees some more* :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed!

ClocketPatch2008.01.05 - 09:27PM: NoneSigned
"Scout's Honour"

yep Doctor, uhuh, I believe you, absolutely

Author's Response: Heh.

queenofhearts2008.01.05 - 08:23PM: NoneSigned
"Not 'The Ancient and Worshipful Law of Gallifrey'". - *giggles* Brilliant! Makes me want to go and listen to Shada again, I love Eight and Romana in that. And I love how you do them!! The conversation is spot on. Throw Sarah in there as well and it's perfection! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love Shada. It was too ambitious as a television episode, but as an audio drama it works brilliantly and Paul McGann and Lalla Ward are superb together.

queenofhearts2008.01.04 - 07:31PM9: Chapter 8Signed
Hehe, brilliant! I think that should be Big Finish's new audio spin-off - Sarah & Romana, partners in crime..or time maybe?? :) I love how you did that whole exchange. Especially about the scarf.

And yay! He's back to his usual happy self! *bounces* *huggs him*

Author's Response: Oooh, I love that idea! The two of them would have the universe sorted out in no time flat. And thanks.

Minuial2008.01.04 - 03:08PM9: Chapter 8Signed
Ah, here it comes! I was wondering when Sarah Jane would realise that it wasn't the Eleventh Doctor she had saved.

Author's Response: Yes, signs and portents of what\'s to come...

dree2008.01.04 - 01:52PM9: Chapter 8Signed
I just loved the image of Sarah Jane and Romana standing around gabbing in the hospital - it's so hospital-drama-esque. And then my heart was filled with squee when the Doctor showed up and started hugging everyone. This is lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you kindly. The exposition had to start somewhere, and where better than in a hospital where one\'s always waiting around for one reason or another.

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