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lacylu422016.08.11 - 07:15PM30: TrenteSigned
Very fun!

chiaroscuroverse2015.02.18 - 01:03AM30: TrenteSigned
So about a year ago I was new to all this and madly googling my Doomsday feelings and started finding these amazing fics - and this was one of the first ones I ever found. The other day I started flashing on scenes of this story and became *consumed* with finding it, but could not remember the name! (I also hadn't seen the 50th at the time or I would definitely have remembered Sisterhood of Karn. I'd love to know what you thought of them showing up there!!) I went through my now huge favorites list, every bookmark, saved rec lists, scrolling through pages and pages of Teaspoon postings from that time period, and eventually tried to re-create my first google searches to figure out how in the world I first ran across this, and that's what finally worked! (In the process I've discovered the scenery and vibe of this story is pretty unusual.)

I just re-read it all and it's just as wonderful as I'd remembered! I also realized a lot of my favorite headcanons started here. Oh, this story - the bedsharing, the aphrodisiac, accidental-on-purpose bonding, the weakened and hurt Doctor, the evil violator Melina getting owned...it's just too delicious. I am thrilled to have found more stories in the same 'verse and can't wait to take it all in! You really got under my skin. Thanks for this!

Jellyneau2015.02.07 - 02:34AM30: TrenteSigned
I read this fic ages ago and loved rereading it. Brilliant story!

lolaroll2014.02.21 - 05:59PM30: TrenteSigned
I'm so sad to come to the end of this fic! The writing was beautifully done and it was really different than a lot of fics I've read. Thank you for giving me something to stay up till 4:00 in the morning reading :)

Also, in my head, I kept picturing the Sisterhood of Karn as the maidens in Castle Anthrax from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and laughing to myself. >.

tkross2012.10.20 - 04:29PM30: TrenteSigned
I loved this story! Thanks so much for writing it. It was really well written and thought out and the scenes between Rose and the Doctor were just beautiful. Your ideas of how he becomes aroused by having his barriers down are very original. You are very talented and I hope to see you come back to the series eventually. I am hesitant to start the sequel since it is unfinished and hasn't been updated for the past few years (have become too frustrated in the past with other stories doing that) but I might not be able to resist as I really want to know what happens for them next.

Angela Jewell2012.02.06 - 05:47AM30: TrenteSigned
Gorgeous story - I read it all in one sitting, and couldn't put it down. I just loved the telepathic bonding/mating twist, and how the entire plot felt like one of the classic serials (albeit a deliciously naughty one, lol). The sisterhood also made for some intriguing, interesting antagonists - I love how they still managed to be sympathetic and likeable, despite their questionable methods. And Rose and the Doctor, of course, were brilliant as always.

Thanks so much for writing it!! Now I'm just praying you have more stories for me to devour next!! ^_^

bohojasmine2011.02.06 - 08:44PM30: TrenteSigned
Wow, this was a really great story. Now I want to find the Brain of Morbius--I really hope I got that title right-- and see what happened there. I saw there's a sequel, off to read it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. \'Brain of Morbius\' is one of my favorite Fourth Doctor stories - here\'s a few links: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/episodeguide/brainmorbius/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Brain_of_Morbius I\'m really hoping that the Sisters will turn up again at some point in the new series - they\'ve returned in some of the Big Finish audios, so I can dream, right? :)

HouseMaid2011.01.20 - 06:04PM30: TrenteSigned
I just read this story for the first time, and just...WOW! I absolutely loved it! The plot itself was interesting, and I really enjoyed how you managed to work in some elements from Classic Who. What I loved the most, however, was how you wrote Rose and the Doctor and the relationship between them. Just fantastic - definitely a new favorite!

Author's Response: Hello - thought your username looked a bit familiar, then I looked back through my recent fic reads - loved your \'Thirty Four Degrees Celsius\' on LJ and commented as such. Thanks very much for *your* kind comment - glad you liked it. :)

Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 09:09AM30: TrenteSigned
lol, that was absolutly, positively, undoubtably fantastic! Completely amazing! I loved every minute of it! The story was so well thought through and planned, everything was tied together perefctly and the writing was exceptional. I'm running out of positive words to describe it. So I'll just say thank you, I loved it. It was a complete pleasure to read! XD

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Your poor fingers must be very tired - thanks for all of the terribly kind reviews! There\'s a little omake for this story over at my LJ, and I think you\'ve found the silly follow-up that\'s in progress. Enjoy!

wiggiemomsi2008.06.11 - 08:41PM30: TrenteSigned
*Happy* because of the story's good ending; *sad* because the story is ended!

I vote for a *smutty* sequel!!


Author's Response: I know! I\'m kind of sad too! *sniffles* I haven\'t decided if the omake/short story that is to directly follow this will have smut or not. *ponders*

Thanks for the lovely comment! *hugs back*

little batti2008.06.11 - 06:09PM30: TrenteSigned
Ah, the end. All wrapped up nicely. I cracked up laughing about the best tea in the universe line. Poor Doctor. Though I'm sure he likes Jackie's hugs better than Jackie's slaps. Very huggable the Doctor.

What am I going to do next Thursday!!!???
I'll be keeping my eye out to see what you might be writing next. I've very much enjoyed your mix of old school and new school Who.

Author's Response: Yup, we\'ve reached the end and they\'re off to Jackie\'s for a little R & R. And I\'m sure you\'ll find something even better to occupy your Thursdays! *grins* Thanks for the kind words!

sinecure2008.06.11 - 04:45PM30: TrenteSigned
I can't believe it's over. :(

Perfect ending, all wrapped up nice 'n tight... although, I was getting a feeling that you might have possibly been setting up a sequel? I just got the impression that Doomsday was coming with all the talk of the bad endings the Doctor saw, how she's jeopardy-friendly, the sisters offering the Doctor some of the elixir and being able to contact him now... hmm.

And then, they're going back to Earth, which makes me think really bad things are coming. Doomsday has scarred my poor heart. I'd love to see this continued with a reunion for our poor doomed couple, bonded through a universe, and possibly mated later?

Was that a hint? Why, yes, I believe it was. *g*

Author's Response: I know! Me neither! *sniffles* And it\'s mostly wrapped up - there\'s still several loose ends that might possibly be addressed in a sequel or two... or omake/short story. The bad endings that the Doctor saw were those of the current situation - he didn\'t see ahead to Doomsday. What he did see might come out in a later tale - haven\'t decided yet.

I\'ve got a omake/short story planned to take place immediately after the close of this fic - in which Ten is convalescing on Jackie\'s couch and inadvertantly gets his barriers dropped. Comedy ensues. I\'ll outline some other stuffs I\'m thinking about at my fic journal in a few days or so - feel free to drop by to make a request (you and your hints)!

Thanks for the kind comment!

Whofreak2008.06.11 - 03:10PM30: TrenteSigned
Okay, you totally have to do a follow-up with all the bells and whistles...heehee

Was kinda sad to see this all end! Fantastic! ;o)

Author's Response: All the bells and whistles, hrm? I wonder what that could possibly refer to? *grins* Thanks for the kind comment!

holly4davidt2008.06.11 - 01:53PM30: TrenteSigned
No!!!! I don't want to say goodbye to this fic, though i knew this time must come! I loved reading it from start to finish, and cannot tell you how much it pains me to say au revior. *sniff* Mucho loves, and can't wait for more from you!!! *walks away to have a quiet little weep in the corner*

Author's Response: Ah - all good things must come to a bend. *grins, then sniffles along with you* Thanks for the kind words!

Wish Wielder2008.06.11 - 01:25PM30: TrenteSigned
-snickerfitz- Oh, I loved that. Great way to end it; wrapped the story up quite nicely, and if Rose was implying what I think she was implying it's even more love. (Jackie, right? Well, that's how I'm gonna think, at least. xD) I came in late on this fic, but I can definitely say start to finish it was a very enjoyable read. C=

Author's Response: Cigar for the lady! Yes, they are headed to Jackie\'s next. I\'m thinking a very silly omake or short story (depending on how long it turns out to be) is in order. Thanks for the lovely comment!

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