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little batti2008.06.05 - 09:01AM29: Vingt-NeufSigned
Awww! That was so sweet. I just loved how the Doctor pulled her into hug at the end.

Can't believe the last chapter is next week. What am I going to read the Thursday after next? I hope you keep on writing. Any plot bunnies for a new adventure?

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, \'Trente\' will be the last chapter, but I have a whole list of little omakes/missing scenes that would be amusing to write. I have a few possibilities that I\'m tossing around for longer stories - one involves an ice planet (no Ood involved *shudders*), another would involve the Great Vampires, a third is about a botched mating attempt. I\'m still tossing these around, so no promises. THANTH took the better part of last summer to plot out in my head and ended up much longer than I thought it would be! Any further details on what I might\'ve come up with will be at my lj - feel free to drop by!

Jula2008.06.04 - 11:53PM29: Vingt-NeufSigned

*runs, trips over feet cuz of the awesome*

Thumbs up!

*as she holds up her thumb face down in the carpet, mumbling*

You rock!

Author's Response: You all right there? At least you landed on carpet! *hands you a banana*

Thanks for the kind words!

sinecure2008.06.04 - 04:58PM29: Vingt-NeufSigned
Aww, that was very sweet, and I'm so glad the Doctor didn't hide behind his usual bluster and babbling. This bodes well for their future.

And, only one chapter left? I could cry. :(

Author's Response: He did try, but Rose wasn\'t having any of that. *grins* Yep - one chapter to go. I\'m getting a bit teary myself! Thanks for the lovely review.

Sali232008.06.04 - 02:15PM29: Vingt-NeufSigned
Aww, just beautiful. I just knew he'd gone off to help the sisterhood. I don't think either of them could have coped with anymore angst from the sisterhood. What a beautiful image you portrayed for the bond making process.
How many more chapters? x

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, Ten is ready to get the heck out of Dodge and wanted to get the Flame fixed as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss. *grins* The last chapter will be posted next Wednesday. *sniff*

Vanderslice2008.06.04 - 11:30AM29: Vingt-NeufSigned
very nice. I love the little mind meld at the end. And the Doctor's lovely confession was so sweet.

Author's Response: That\'s my favorite bit from this chapter as well. He has a very vulnerable moment in which he shows her exactly what she does to him via the bond, and just how easily she could hurt him. And his little confession got away with him! *grins* Good thing Rose took matters into her own hands. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Wish Wielder2008.06.04 - 10:28AM29: Vingt-NeufSigned
Oh, good on Rose! So glad she's making him be straight with her. Great chap!

Author's Response: She\'s channeling Jackie! Ten is a tad nervous about this. *grins* Thanks for the kind review!

ann_blue2008.06.04 - 10:06AM29: Vingt-NeufSigned
A shorter piece for this week, I see. I still love it. You know I haven't been this excited to see an update of a story in a long time.

Thank you for writing it and I hope you update soon! :)

Author's Response: This chapter was originally intended to be the last, but the lovely platypus decided that it should be split up and extended a bit, so yes, this part is a bit short. But you do get one more chapter and that\'s hopefully a good thing. *grins* Thanks for the very kind comment!

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