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Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 08:41AM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
Please tell me it wasn't all just a dream. lol. That would be horribly cruel and I don't think you'd be that cruel since the rest of the story has simply been amazing! I can't believe it's nearly about to end.

Author's Response: *grins* Would I do that? *ponders* Nah... not in this fic, anyway!

Whofreak2008.05.29 - 12:31PM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
That was unspeakably hot! So worth the long wait. Glad to have you back!

Author's Response: It wasn\'t that long, was it? Kind of like the Eurovision break, eh? *grins* Thank you very much!

Roxyk6302008.05.28 - 11:10PM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
EEEE!!! Usually I respond on your LJ but... *flail* I had to wait for work to finish before I could read this one. *fans self* Fantastic job. I always love the loving smut (if you could call it that) this was gorgeous.

Author's Response: Good for you - waiting until *after* work! Thank you very much for the terribly kind words - it was a bit odd to write two different \'first times\' for Ten in the same story, so hopefully it worked on some level.

Rosenine2008.05.28 - 06:31PM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
First, I really should not have read this at work ... lucky there was noone around at the time!
I love how you snuck in the "forever" line and was just thinking that "finally, they get to be together" when you put in that nasty last paragraph. Sneaky!

Author's Response: Ooooh! Reading at work could be bad - don\'t get caught! Yeah, couldn\'t help but slip in that last paragraph. Rose is going to be needing some help finding him in the next chapter. *grins*

sinecure2008.05.28 - 04:55PM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
Oh. So very hot. It's nice to see Rose take charge every once in a while. And boy did she. *drool*

However, it'll be nice to see the Doctor back to his usual self once he's healed, and no drugs are in his system, and everyone just leaves him and Rose alone to make the TARDIS their lurve shack. ;)

Also, you don't fool me with your cliffhanger. I'm not worried in the least.

Author's Response: Heh. Rose might not be very happy when the Doctor is back to his usual self and those barriers are back up! *grins*

Thanks for the kind comment!

little batti2008.05.28 - 02:24PM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
Hot Hot Hot!

So glad you are back this week :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad to be back. Did you miss me? *grins*

Jula2008.05.28 - 02:07PM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
OMG you realllly don't disapoint, do ya?

That part where Rose grabs his neck and pulls his head back and fists his hair and just attacks his mouth, was, seriously, the hottest thing I have ever read. Usually it's the man doing that to the woman. Heck, even sometimes when the woman is taking the lead, you never read about the woman doing THAT.... and OMG did I mention it was hot?

And what's up with the cliffhanger, hmmmmm?

Author's Response: Oh good. Someone liked that bit! It\'s not obviously stated, but in this universe, Ten wouldn\'t have a lot of experience and would actually prefer for Rose to take the lead. And cliffhanger? What cliffhanger?

Sali232008.05.28 - 11:41AM28: Vingt-HuitSigned
Wow! Hot Stuff! Well worth the two week wait!
I know that you're the queen of cliffhangers but I'm sure he's just gone to help the sisterhood- hasn't he??

How did your exams go?

Author's Response: Thank you! And I can\'t tell you where he\'s gone, but I can tell you that Rose isn\'t pleased.

Exams are... over. That\'s about it, really.

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