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wiggiemomsi2008.05.18 - 12:15AM27: Vingt-SeptSigned
May I say, regards to this last chapter, ...



and also,


Do we REALLY have to wait until the 28th for more *HotHotHotHot*??

Author's Response: Um... thank you! And yes, I\'m out of town and internet may be questionable. Apologies in advance, but I\'m hoping the next chapter will be worth the wait, if that happens.

Jula2008.05.16 - 11:10PM27: Vingt-SeptSigned



That was alllll kinds of hawt! *fans self*

I seriously don't think it could have been any hotter! I love 10's blushes, his need to be so self-deprecating, and Rose taking the lead...*phroawr*

I can haz mor plz?

Author's Response: Hopefully the resolution to the buildup doesn\'t disappoint! Rose will be in the driver\'s seat for the next chapter - and Ten has absolutely no issues with this whatsoever. *grins*

You can haz moar - prolly not \'til the 28th, though - I\'m out of town next week and internet access is uncertain at this point.

sinecure2008.05.16 - 06:01PM27: Vingt-SeptSigned
Ooo, hot, hot hot. Got a little lovin' finally goin' on. Hee! And then of course, once it finally starts getting good... end of chapter! Grr.

Eagerly awaiting more.

Author's Response: Well... of course it\'s the end of the chapter! *grins* So far, the betas have enjoyed the next one, hopefully everyone else will too. It might be delayed by a week, though - will be out of town for exams next Wednesday. Thanks for the kind review!

KKHKISHZKH2008.05.16 - 05:23PM27: Vingt-SeptSigned
I'm quite new to fan fiction in general and I've read quite a few over the past couple of weeks but this is the story that made me register with this site. I love it! I've been eagerly awaiting this update and now eagerly await the rest! You write brilliantly! I can almost see and hear the characters speaking the words as if I was there... You're really talented! Beautiful story. Well done, and keep it coming! ;0)

Author's Response: Hello and welcome!

Thank you very much for your terribly kind words! *blushes*

little batti2008.05.16 - 05:05PM27: Vingt-SeptSigned
Yeay! It's Thursday again... Except it's Saturday. Did teaspoon go timey wimey on you? *grins*

Anyway, worth the wait. *BIGGER grin*

Author's Response: Yeah, Teaspoon must\'ve had a hiccup, or been stuck in a time loop or something, \'cause this chapter took 57 hours to come through. Apologies!

Whofreak2008.05.16 - 01:45PM27: Vingt-SeptSigned
(aka amybtvsfreak on lj)
I saw this update and thought you'd updated the latest chapter in your lj too! Talk about almost having a stroke at my desk!

*fans self and takes deep, calming breaths* ;o)

Author's Response: Sorry about that - I post to Teaspooon the same day I post to LJ and it took a bit long to get validated this time. *shrugs* Apologies for your almost-stroke!

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