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Wish Wielder2008.05.15 - 01:35AM26: Vingt-SixSigned
I'm trying to remember why I avoided reading this for so long, 'cause I kept seeing you update on T&C, but I kept thinking "...nah. I prob'ly won't like that." Well, s'not the first time I've been proven an idiot.

I've absolutely adored this, and guh. You've done a fantastic job with this story, the characterization, the whole lot of it (though the Doctor-slapper in me really wanted Rose to slap him when he didn't die - then again, I just like seeing him slapped xD). Brilliant job, 'n I definitely won't avoid your updates to this any more.

Author's Response: Welcome! I\'m glad that you\'ve liked the ride so far - I\'m starting to wonder if my next chapter will ever be validated. *pokes teaspoon*

I\'ll be the first to agree that the Doctor could usually stand to be taken down a peg (or two), but at that point in the story (ie when he didn\'t die), he did need some help (and TLC) from Rose, so no slappage in this fic. He did get slapped in the omake, though. *grins* Thank you very much for the kind comment!

holidayrain2008.05.11 - 01:13PM26: Vingt-SixSigned
Having my hair washed like that, I'd be willing to give anyone anything they wanted! hahaha! Yay! for barriers being down and saying I love you!!! Can't wait for next chapter!!!

Author's Response: I know! It always seems to feel so much better when someone else washes your hair for you! And poor Ten - he\'s sensitive there anyway. *grins* Thanks for the kind comment!

sinecure2008.05.08 - 10:44PM26: Vingt-SixSigned
Who knew the Doctor just needed a little head-rubbing to start the bowm-chicka-wah-wah?

I'm glad they finally got to talk some! Finally! Seems like forever since they talked without drugs or injuries or masturbation getting in the way. Did I say getting in the way on that last one? Psh! ;)

Author's Response: Well, he was pretty sure that was going to happen (which is why he was a bit reluctant - who wants those barriers down with all the Sisters around), he just had no idea it\'d be that fast! *grins* More chattiness and baby steps next chapter. Thanks for the kind review!

little batti2008.05.08 - 07:57AM26: Vingt-SixSigned
Awwww! They are soooo cute being all awkward and babbling.

Oh and... Yeay for Thursday!

Author's Response: More cuteness next week, then! See you next week! *grins*

Angelbev212008.05.07 - 10:27PM26: Vingt-SixSigned
That was better than warm chocolate-rasberry truffle sliding over the tongue and making my tummy fill with joy! You caught Rose's awkwardness honestly and the Doctor's loneliness trying to abate to a tee. Just can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Ooooh, that sounds good. Yum! More awkwardness and baby steps next chapter. Thanks for the kind review!

Jula2008.05.07 - 10:11PM26: Vingt-SixSigned

*marvin hayes music starts*

Oh yeh.....*grins*


Author's Response: Marvin Hayes? We can do better than that. Try \'Behind the Wheel\' by Depeche Mode. *grins*

Whofreak2008.05.07 - 09:34PM26: Vingt-SixSigned



Author's Response: Guh? That\'s good, right?

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