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holly4davidt2008.05.07 - 08:09AM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
this is driving mad! I can see the next chapter but i can't read it!!!!! *Cries adn gets told off by Mr Frier for abusing ict lesson* :(

Author's Response: I\'m glad you found my lj - my update still hasn\'t validated (15 hours later). Apologies!

wiggiemomsi2008.05.03 - 12:32AM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
LOVE the Doctor's *squeek*!

Hope to see *smut* soon. (Promise NOT to do *HappyHappy Smut Dance*?)

Author's Response: Ten would be a squeaker. High voice when he gets excited and all that.

What? No HappyHappy Smut Dance? I have yet to see this little ritual and now I won\'t get to? *pouts* Thanks for the kind review!

little batti2008.05.01 - 07:29AM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
You are like the master of cliffhanger and suspense. I agree with the last reviewer - Totally evil cliffhanger.

Come on next Thursday!

Author's Response: Heh. I am the Master and you Will Obey Me. Wah ha ha!

See you next week!

holly4davidt2008.05.01 - 02:02AM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
Evil Evil cliffhanger! You can't leave it just as he wakes up! Well atleast i'm reading this on thursday, so theres less time that i have to wait. But it will still be too long! Mucho loves!

Author's Response: It wasn\'t that evil, was it? Not as bad as a few chapters ago, surely!

Thanks for the kind comment.

holidayrain2008.04.30 - 08:26PM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
I think I gave a small squeak too, when the Doctor opened his eyes!!! LOL! Great visual chappie; can't wait for what happens next...

Author's Response: You\'re a squeaker too! And surely you can guess what happens next? *grins*

Rosenine2008.04.30 - 07:31PM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
Hmmm, I feel that I should not be too impatient with my longing for the Doctor to wake up soon considering what he has been through, but can't help letting my mind wander to the possibilities of "ticklish Doctor" (smirks)...

Author's Response: He\'ll be awake but still sleepy in the next chapter. And yes, \'ticklish Doctor\' could be fun... for Rose, of course! *grins*

Jula2008.04.30 - 06:27PM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
wOw, you can certainly make bathing an unconscious Time Lord a shmexy thing....

I love the little squeak he made when she started to take of his pants, it was too cute!

Author's Response: *laughs* Perhaps not the best way to wake up. And yes, Ten is a squeaker in this universe. Thanks for the kind review!

Trollkona2008.04.30 - 05:03PM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
I love it! Keep up the good work :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

sinecure2008.04.30 - 04:36PM25: Vingt-CinqSigned
I happen to be listening to a song called Don't Make Me Beg, and really, I couldn't agree more. Where is the smut?! ;)

Um. Great chapter. Nicely done bath there, Rose. Poor thing. She's gonna be in need of some serious TLC after all of this. I was right there, wanting to wash away all of Melina's touches and marks.

I hope that you're intending on continuing this after they leave. Maybe as a follow-up or sequel or something, because I really love this story and the relationship beginning between Rose and the Doctor.

Author's Response: Smut? What smut? *grins*

Yeah, poor Rose. The bath was a bit of a personal exorcism for her. That and gotta get rid of all those icky Melina cooties!

As for continuation - hrm. *ponders* I\'m thinking about some short extras right now set in the same universe as this fic. One that I have in mind might get a bit dark and wouldn\'t likely be suited for a general audience... still mulling that one over. Otherwise, I\'m planning a nice little tie-in to something that we see in \'Doomsday\'. We\'ll see how the muse is feeling after Series 4 is finished.

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