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holly4davidt2008.04.25 - 10:04AM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
*narrows eyes and gives you a death glare/pout and whines* Why do you have to only update once weekly? this story's way too good to just get one installment a week. It's not fair! -i told you patience is not a virtue that i possess- although you have given me the image of the doctor getting a bed bath to keep my mind quiet. Mmm *goes into day dream* mucho loves!

Author's Response: One installment a week was pretty good for me, I thought! Working mom here with three small children - that\'s my excuse and I\'m sticking to it! *grins* At least I consistently update, right? Right? *hears crickets chirping* Ah well, was worth a try. Since you\'re busy daydreaming about sponge baths, don\'t forget the lovely fireplace to add the ambience of your vision. *grins some more* Thanks for the kind comment!

Rosenine2008.04.25 - 03:11AM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Bathtime, with naked Time Lords still to come, I hope! Not that I prefer smut to your clever prose, but, ya know, your smut is very clever too!

Author's Response: Ha! Sponge bath next chapter. We\'ll see if the Doctor wakes up to enjoy it. *grins*

little batti2008.04.24 - 08:39AM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Yeay it's Thursday!

Author's Response: I hope that\'s a good thing! *grins*

gategirl72008.04.23 - 06:47PM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Totally faked me out when Lyra came in, I thought it was the Doctor waking up! I was bummed but then I thought about how fun it would be if he woke up during his bath instead...

I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Absolutely! That would be much more fun, wouldn\'t it? *grins*

Thanks for the kind comment!

sinecure2008.04.23 - 04:51PM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Ooo, naked bathing smut! I mean... uh, cleanliness is awesome!

Poor Rose, thinking things will go back to how they used to be. Silly girl. And dumb Time Lord if he tries that. Not that she should let him get away with it, of course, but, I don't think he'll try it... why else would he have bonded to her?

Author's Response: Cleanliness is always a Good Thing, heh. It makes snuggling much more pleasant. *grins*

And silly Rose. There\'s a few more twists in store for her, heh.

wiggiemomsi2008.04.23 - 04:39PM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Thank goodness the Doctor is mending! Now Rose should strip him ... I mean, now Rose should wash him ... is *smut* coming soon?

*Does a hopeful smut dance*

Author's Response: Hee! He\'s already without jacket, shirt and shoes... and tie, of course. Can\'t forget the tie.

I\'ve never heard of a \'hopeful smut dance\' - I\'m trying to imagine what this entails. *grins*

Sali232008.04.23 - 03:56PM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Is it Wednesday already??? :)
Great chapter, I really liked Rose's mature thoughts on the Future of her and the Doctor. But then you go and spoil it with that ending ;)
Its a good job its only 7 days til the next update :)

Author's Response: Yup - it\'s Wednesday... all day long. *grins* Thanks - Rose is having her mature thoughts now because they\'re going to go flying out the window in another few chapters. *grins* See you next week!

Ciaviel2008.04.23 - 11:28AM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Ooooh. Evil cliffhanger, evil!

Author's Response: Oooh - you\'re over here too today! And this cliffy wasn\'t that evil, was it? Surely not as bad as some of the others?

Whofreak2008.04.23 - 07:58AM24: Vingt-QuatreSigned
Now, you can't just leave a chapter like that....

Author's Response: Oh, yes I can. I can draw this out for a realllllllllly long time.... *grins*

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