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Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 07:27AM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
Few! *wipes forehead* You had me worried there. I knew laturally that he couldn't die but he came very very close! Lets just hope things take a smoother course from now on. lol

Author's Response: Yes, he came closer than he or Rose planned on. Smooth sailing from now on!

holly4davidt2008.04.23 - 07:26AM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
Sorry. Attention span of a two year old. Can't help it.

Author's Response: Good thing it got validated earlier than usual! *grins*

holly4davidt2008.04.23 - 07:24AM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
Ok possibly over reacted slightly but i thought something really bad had happened to her and i panicked. Now i'm just patiently waiting for the admins to accept. *Taps foot for about two seconds* Oh come on! Hurry up!!!!!!!!! :'(

Author's Response: Hee! That\'s weird how you can see that there\'s another chapter but you\'re not able to get to it.

KcRae2008.04.18 - 09:28PM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
YAY!!! Take that melina!! okay, enough of that. :) can't wait. heart you. really really!

Author's Response: Ha! No Melina fans here, right? *grins*

There\'s just a few chapters left to go now, we\'ll see if we can\'t get some fluff in for you. Thanks for the kind comment!

holidayrain2008.04.17 - 06:03PM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
That was such a great chapter!!! I was so worried there for a mo, but now he seems to be getting better! Poor Doctor...poor Rose...oh they both deserve so much happiness!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! They\'ve both had a trying time in this fic, so I\'ll see if I can round up some fluff. *grins*

sinecure2008.04.17 - 05:19PM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
Definitely another great chapter! Poor Doctor, he's been through so much in this story. He deserves lots and lots of sex-- I mean, rest. Lots of rest.

Nice to see Rose react to everything with a nice dead faint, LOL. I'd be the same, flat on the floor. Poor gal, she deserves lots and lots of... *ahem* What? I was gonna say rest.

Author's Response: Heh. We\'ll see if they get their \'rest\'. *grins*

Poor Rose has had a rather trying time in this fic, hasn\'t she? *snuggles her* She deserves a break. Thanks for the comment!

holly4davidt2008.04.17 - 01:47PM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
Did anyone ever tell you cliffhangers are PURE EVIL????? Don't leave us hanging! I love this story, and it's great that you've brought back characters. I'm 15 so i didn't watch the old series, but you've filled in the blanks perfectly! love it! mucho loves!

Author's Response: Oh come now, this one wasn\'t so bad, was it? Rose has had a rather trying experience and has fainted, poor thing.

Thank you very much!

little batti2008.04.17 - 07:39AM23: Vingt-TroisSigned
Yeay! Its Thursday! In Australia. Although it would be really cool if I could give some wibbly wobbly timey wimey answer and say, "Lots of planets have a Thursday."

You had me so worried about how much blood the Doctor was losing. How many litres of blood does a timelord have anyway?

This story has been one heck of a ride. I'm hoping there may be some more chapters to go. I've never seen anyone use the Sisters of Karn in a fic before and it's been great. I still remember the Brain of Morbius story from when I was a kid and poor old Condo looking for his arm.

Author's Response: Heh. Posted on Wednesday, validated on Thursday. Wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey! *grins*

Yes, he lost quite a bit of blood there because of the location of the injury - BUT, we did see him lose lots of blood in \'Smith and Jones\' also, yet he was still able to carry Martha down a hospital corridor. Amazing, right? I dunno how many liters of blood a TL would have, I\'d guess it\'d be similar to the average human male\'s 5L.

Yup, there\'s a few chapters to go yet - the Doctor and Rose deserve a breather, right? BoM was one of my favorites when I was a kid too - I wish RTD and Co. would bring back the Sisters, but I suppose after \'Fires of Pompeii\' that it\'s not going to happen. *shrugs* Thanks for the kind comment!

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