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avoria2009.07.21 - 08:41PM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
Oh my God. That was just ... Well! There's not much you can say to that, is there? Except POOR ROSE. Oh God that must have been horrible, having to watch that, so heart-breaking seeing him... Oh god. It just makes me feel sick.

HE'D BETTER MAKE IT UP TO HER. That's all I'm saying.

Author's Response: I\'m actually happy reading how disgusted you were with this chapter - it means it had the intended effect. Unfortunately, Rose really isn\'t sure if he was play-acting or not, and you the reader really aren\'t in a better position, if you happened to read the missing chapter, \'The Ties That Bind\'.

And yes, he makes it up to her. I\'m hoping you\'ll read on after being squicked by this chapter. Some of my favorites are after this one. Thanks for all the kind comments.

Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 07:10AM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
Wow that was intense! Poor Rose having to watch that happening before her and even having to stab him. Bless her. But every time she thought 'Kitty!' I couldn't help but laugh. lol

Author's Response: Everyone liked the kitties! They might have to make a return appearance sometime. *grins*

Jula2008.04.10 - 10:31PM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
Wow, that was a stroke of brilliance, Rose having to 'kill' the Doctor. I don't think I have ever come across that in DW fic before. Absolutely brilliant idea!

On, but so horribly sad. Gawd I can't imagine how painful (both physical and emotional) it must have been for the both of them to do that.

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Um, thanks? You\'ll see just how brilliantly the Doctor\'s plan works out on Wednesday. And yes, there will be consequences. Poor Rose and poor Ten. *snuggles them* Thanks for the kind comment!

CrystalC2008.04.10 - 04:15PM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
One of the worst things the Doctor could force Rose to do, and she does it!

Author's Response: In his defense, it\'s the only way he could see (with the timelines and all that) to get everyone out alive - but poor Rose, having to do the deed!

little batti2008.04.09 - 06:51PM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait.

Oh well. I guess I have to. On the edge of my seat until next Thursday morning. (your Wed = my Thurs)

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry. I\'m a very pokey writer. :(

Are you another Aussie? New Zealander? Elsewhere? *grins*

Thanks for the kind comment!

Sali232008.04.09 - 04:42PM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
OMG I'm not sure I can say much else.. I didn't really think that Rose would have to stab the Doctor. He was really begging her towards the end wasn't he?
Please say it's all going to work out the way the Doctor wanted it to.
I can't believe I have to wait for yet another week to find out ;)
Ah well at least there's something on tv on Saturday! :)

Author's Response: Yes, he was pretty much begging Rose to get on with it at the end. And er, no - things aren\'t going to work out exactly according to plan - you\'ll see next Wednesday. And yay for new Who on Saturday!

Thanks for the kind comment!

Becki_902008.04.09 - 03:57PM22: Vingt-DeuxSigned
i was going to review on LJ but waited till here cause i actually understand how this works. i LOVE this story it is so well written, i'm as hooked to this as i am to who on the tv...it all plays out in my head like an actual "episode". your characterisation is spot on and you realllly make me hate Melina. which is a bit inconvenient cause someone where i work is called melina, so your melina looks a bit like her up here *taps head*! i have nothing but praise and cannot wait till next wednesday!

Author's Response: No worries - I\'m happy to get the feedback in whatever form! And oooh - you have a Melina at work... hope that\'s not bad. *grins* Thanks for the kind comment.

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