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wiggiemomsi2008.04.03 - 07:59PM21: Vingt et UnSigned
"kitties. fluffy kitties playing with string." What a hoot! this is a great chapter, but...want...more!! :O)

Author's Response: Kitty! will be making an encore appearance in the next chapter. *grins* We\'re still playing roulette with the next chapter over at my LJ - feel free to wander over and make a request.

Thank you so much for the kind comment!

geinnob2008.04.02 - 08:24PM21: Vingt et UnSigned
So, this is my first Teaspoon review ever, and I was moved to leave it by the following: "Rose watched as he waggled his eyebrows at the Sister. Was he flirting with her? Kitties?"

It was the question mark after the "kitties" that did me in - I find that question mark incredibly funny. I'm really enjoying the story, it's obvious you put a lot of work into it....looking forward to the next part.

Author's Response: Wow - I am honored and humbled to get your first Teaspoon review ever - thank you!

I\'m glad someone else found that line amusing. I can so imagine Rose doing her absolute best to control herself - kitty, kitty kitty; trying to stop Melina from getting any more artron and subsequently destroying the universe - kitty, kitty, kitty; and the person she loves more than anything suddenly starts flirting with the crazy lady. Not part of the plan! Kitty, kitty... Kitty? It sort of became Rose\'s equivalent of \'WHUT?!?\' in my head and I still find it hysterical!

And just FYI, there\'s a silly omake to this story, on my LJ (address is on my author page), look at Feb 27th of this year. It\'s short but amusing.

Thank you again for the kind comments!

Author's Response: Oh - almost forgot. The omake is so not worksafe. Happy reading! *grins*

sinecure2008.04.02 - 05:15PM21: Vingt et UnSigned
Ah, brilliant plan! I think. Perhaps? I dunno. But, it's the Doctor, of course it's brilliant. Maybe. ;)

I love the kitties! Poor Rose. Poor Doctor. So abused these two. Thankfully, without regeneration. Um, right?

Author's Response: Absolutely! A brilliant plan! If it works. *grins* Thankfully, without regeneration. Um, right?
*whistles innocently* Not telling! *grins*

Thanks for the kind comment!

Huggabledog2008.04.02 - 05:14PM21: Vingt et UnSigned
Argh!!! Your parts are sadistically short, you evil woman. This sounds like a typical Doctor plan - barely thought out, relying on 'ifs', 'should' and 'hopefully'. I really chuckled at his line, 'Rose Tyler, in the Chamber of Candles, with... the knife!' Easy-peasy," he said, waggling his eyebrows at her. That's SOO Ten. Love it. Reminds me of him doing the Ghostbusters impression in Army of Ghosts - I laugh every time. Now I adore drugged Ten (exhibit A - drool), but I'm glad he's going to be spending some more time awake because I love his spark as well. I still think it's odd Melina hasn't noticed the ropes have been cut and he's fighting her with his hands, though. Oh that last line with her binding him to her (more drool) - go Melina, make the most of it while you can. Ooo, you probably know, but Big Finish have announced the titles for the last two episodes of the eighth Doctor audios - they're about the Sisterhood and Morbius. I felt like writing and telling them it's gonna be a huge disappointment compared to this fic. Don't think they'd take it that well, though. :-)

Author's Response: Hee! You are over here today - feel free to drop by my LJ to request a random line from the next chapter. We\'ve been playing roulette with \'Vingt-Deux\' today. The rules are, you can\'t request the last line, and if you get a line involving Kitty!, you\'re just gonna have to deal. *grins*

Yep, Ten (at least when he\'s being written by RTD) seems to just spew out pop culture references at random, doesn\'t he? Oh, and Melina *will* notice those ropes - in the next chapter. *grins some more*

And yes - a kind person emailed me from here about the new Eighth Doctor audios earlier - I\'m looking forward to them very much! And I imagine they\'ll be absolutely nothing like this silly little fic. Probably a good thing, that. Thanks for the kind comments!

Author's Response: Oh - one more. No \'anonymous\' requests for a line - otherwise you\'ll all have the next chapter reconstructed before the week is out! *grins*

Sali232008.04.02 - 02:06PM21: Vingt et UnSigned
Oh no! Not quite what the Doctor had in mind is it? What will Rose do now? Does she take the chance or what?!?!?Oh I don't know its making my head hurt *grins*
I hope there's a pay off for Rose at the end of this and that the Doctor doesn't go and conveniently 'forget' whats gone on between Rose and himself.

As usual great update x

Author's Response: Ah, no. He wasn\'t figuring on that happening. *passes you a cold compress for your headache* \'Pay off\' for Rose? *grins* She deserves one, doesn\'t she? Thanks for the kind comment!

gategirl72008.04.02 - 12:19PM21: Vingt et UnSigned
Oh my God!! There had better be some serious Rose/Doctor fluff at the end of this story! I can't believe what Rose is going through.

I loved the "kitties. fluffy kitties playing with string." bit. I love kitties!!

As always, left me wanting more, nice job :)

Author's Response: Ha! Platypus is already pressing hard for the fluff. *grins* Poor Rose and poor Doctor. *snuggles them... and the kitties* Thanks for the kind comment!

CrystalC2008.04.02 - 11:47AM21: Vingt et UnSigned
Stab Her! STAB HER!!!!

Author's Response: The Doctor sadly isn\'t going to let her do that. No matter how much she may want to. *grins* Thanks for commenting!

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