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avoria2009.07.21 - 08:26PM20: VingtSigned

No. No way ever, ever, is Rose going to do that. We're not having you change into 11 just yet.

Author's Response: Well, maybe a bit insane. He is trying his best to save them all.

Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 06:43AM20: VingtSigned
Nooo! Don't be stupid Doctor! Pfft. You really are evily brilliant at cliff hangers. lol. I can't stop reading...

Author's Response: That was sort of silly of him, rushing in like that. *grins*

Rosenine2008.04.25 - 02:00AM20: VingtSigned
I printed this up a while ago thinking it was complete. Finally got a chance to sit down and read all in one sitting.
Gah! Got all the way to the unbearable cliff-hanger of Ch 20 and nearly broke my legs running to my computer to see if you had added any more. Thank goodness I have four more chapters to help ease the tension.
Absolutely loving this!

Author's Response: Wow - I\'ll bet that took a while. This is getting fairly lengthy. I\'m glad that you didn\'t break your legs - that would have been nasty! Thanks for the kind comments!

holidayrain2008.03.30 - 11:21AM20: VingtSigned
Oh.my.gosh! I just read this story straight through (yeah, I know I'm at work and should be working, but since I'm the only one here today I guess that means that I can do whatever I want, yeah?) This story is brilliant and I love it!!! However, my heart just about stopped when the Doctor told Rose that she'd have to hurt him enough to make him regenerate! But then I don't think you'd be that cruel! Plus, Ten is way to HOT to replace!!! hehehe Again, loving this and can't wait till the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Um, wow - I bet that took a while! Welcome! Don\'t get caught reading at work, though, naughty you! *grins* And would I be that cruel... hrm. *ponders*

Thank you very much for the kind comments!

Becki_902008.03.27 - 02:40PM20: VingtSigned
lol at holly! but yes i quite agree he's far too sexy to die

Author's Response: You are all going to spam me until I tell you (in writing) that I\'m not going to kill off Ten, aren\'t you? *grins*

holly4davidt2008.03.27 - 11:11AM20: VingtSigned
I LOOOOOOVE this story, but under no cercumstances must you make the Doctor regenerate!!! He's too sexy to die!!! D:

Author's Response: Hee!

Doctor: Rose, I\'m having second thoughts about regenerating. I\'m just too darned sexay in this body. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*
Rose: *ponders* Hrm. This is true....
Writer: *laughs hysterically*

Thanks for the kind comment!

Becki_902008.03.27 - 04:02AM20: VingtSigned
i absolutely LOVE this story sorry for not reviewing before... BUT YOU SO CANNOT REGENERATE HIM NOOOO!

Author's Response: Hee! Well, I can... but as I said below, I haven\'t listed this fic as \'Multi-era\', if that helps. Thanks for the kind comment!

sinecure2008.03.27 - 01:32AM20: VingtSigned
Nooooo regeneration! Bad Doctor! Bad!

This was a nicely tense chapter! I love this story! (I've been hit by the exclamation bug)

Author's Response: You\'ll find out what his clever plan is next Wednesday! I\'m hoping it won\'t take as long to be validated - this last time was almost 12 hours. o_0
Thank you for the kind comment!

wiggiemomsi2008.03.27 - 12:34AM20: VingtSigned
O_O omgaojdojfasjf!! what!!???no!!

Maybe I can't repeat it, but I'm a whiz at copy/paste!

Evilevilevil cliffhanger!! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Author's Response: Suddenly I feel a need to go into hiding.... *grins*

Thanks for the comment!

lady of gallifrey2008.03.26 - 11:35PM20: VingtSigned
I agree with what bananas_are_good said even though I literally cannot repeat it... (except for the "No!" part, that I can repeat - regenerate him? enough torture - I'm gone!)

Author's Response: Well, for what it\'s worth, this is listed as a Ten/Rose fic and not \'Multi-era\'. It\'ll be ok - you\'ll see! *helpfully offers tea and biscuits*

bananas_are_good2008.03.26 - 09:28PM20: VingtSigned
O_O omgaojdojfasjf!! what!!???no!!

ahem sorry about that..good chapter lol

Author's Response: Thank you!

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