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Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 06:17AM18: Dix-HuitSigned
Aww yay! The Doctor wasn't acting under the influence. lol. Still, no doubt you still have some twists under your sleve for late on.

Author's Response: Well, he was somewhat under the influence, in that his barriers were dropped and those nasty little inhibitions were out of the way. *grins* And yes, plenty of twists are on the way.

Huggabledog2008.03.17 - 08:11PM18: Dix-HuitSigned
I've only just discovered this. Wow. I drooled something silly at the sisterhood's attempts to seduce Ten. I'm personally with Melina - she has great taste in men, and I love her possessive touches across the Doctor's skin. Fantastic stuff. I know Rose and the Doctor will triumph, but Melina having her way with Ten for a while... phew. Love it. Can't wait for more - I hope you update soon and often. Thank you!

Author's Response: Hello and welcome to my insanity! *grins* I\'m glad I\'m not the only one who thinks Ten/Melina would be really hot. So... you might get your wish, but just for a little while! I\'ve been updating on Wednesdays, so you won\'t have long to wait for the next chapter. And Thank You very much for the kind review!

DalekSteph2008.03.15 - 09:51AM18: Dix-HuitSigned
mtemplar: I've not had internet since 2/15 and have had to steal reads at work (baaad me, I work at a Christian college... permission to read "adult stories" on company time isn't exactly in our covenant...) but I am following, desperately following. This is an amazing story, and so much fun to read. Please keep up the good work!


Author's Response: No internet for a month? How horrid! I\'m envisioning you sneaking around computers now. I\'m glad you\'re still reading, but don\'t let me get you into trouble! *lights a small candle for the swift return of safe internet access for you*

gategirl72008.03.12 - 05:02PM18: Dix-HuitSigned
Oh man, that might be the sweetest chapter ever! Poor Doctor thinking he was bad at it and promising he could learn...that was priceless.

Author's Response: Thanks! That little bit was really fun to write. I\'m undecided at this point if we\'ll see any \'learning\' in this fic - it *might* have to be done in a sequel (BIG maybe there) or possibly an omake. Thanks for the kind comment!

sinecure2008.03.12 - 04:43PM18: Dix-HuitSigned
And the Doctor wakes up! Yay. I thought he'd be out the entire fic! ;)

Good to see he didn't forget everything. Poor Rose doesn't need that heaped on top of her with everything already going on. Can't wait to see where it all goes.

Author's Response: *laughs* He\'ll be up and about in the next chapter too - whee! Thanks for reading!

Sali232008.03.12 - 03:58PM18: Dix-HuitSigned
Oooh, so the Doctor 'knew' what he was doing and wants to do it more?!?!? ;D
But how are they going to foil the 'evil one's' plan?
Same time, same place next week x

Author's Response: Heh. Well, the Doctor may not be aware of *exactly* what happened, but his body knows that he\'s had relations, he has a vague memory of the event...and he thinks he\'s rubbish at sex. Poor Ten. Thanks for the comment!

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