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avoria2009.07.21 - 07:39PM17: Dix-SeptSigned

That - that - that jealous, raving cow. Ugh. What a - i mean, and to say that he would have "slept with anyone"! HE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO TOUCH YOU, YOU MORON.

And once he's back to his fully fledged self he will own and he and Rose will go skipping off to the TARDIS together to have lots and lots of sexytiems.

... right? RIGHT? D:

Author's Response: Ha! I love Melina. She\'s so much fun to write, as she gets such a visceral reaction!

Cybergirl052008.09.21 - 06:05AM17: Dix-SeptSigned
Oh I knew there must be more to come and this is a fantasticly evil turn of events! lol. And poor Rose. She'll be believeing that The Doctor didn't want only her and doesnt the soporific wip your memories afterwards? Oh dear.

Author's Response: Yup - things took a very evil turn in that particular chapter. The Doctor isn\'t going to remember consummating the bond with Rose, which will lead to \'issues\' in later fics.

Flowergirl2008.03.12 - 08:49AM17: Dix-SeptSigned
Argh, sorry I haven't been reviewing! Real life kicks in and prevents me from doing so. But I have to say, you are really good at creating tension and are marvellous at cliff hangers! I am really intrigued as to where this story is going as I thought it was nearly over, but it looks like there is a long way still to go yet - how many chapters are there left?

And will the Doctor ever wake up? And how will Rose save him from that horrible, selfish sister?

Looking forward to an update!

Author's Response: No worries - I often have RL issues myself! Actually, the story nearly is over - I\'m writing the ending chapters now, I\'m guessing we\'ll end up with 22 or 24 total, depending on how much I run on. The Doctor will be up and about in the next chapter - I\'ve just posted it, so you should see it shortly. Thank you very much for the kind comment!

KcRae2008.03.07 - 05:04PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
Noooo! Okay I would like to say that sister Melina needs a swift kick in the rear and maybe a bit of that hair torn out. What a selfish, egotistical, jealous, manhandeling wench! Was that too many adjectives?? Anyway, well done. :) Can't wait, as per usual.

Author's Response: Oh yes!!!!! I think you\'ll have to get in line for some Melina rear-kicking based on the reponse so far. *laughs* And thank you very much!

dragonwho2008.03.05 - 07:58PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
I just knew there was something nasty about her, especially given how she was all over the Doctor trying to get that artron...
Now what will they do....?

Author's Response: Now what will they do....?

Probably not what you might expect - don\'t forget the timelines! Thanks for reading!

PollyDoo2008.03.05 - 06:25PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
grrrrr! she's really evil :S

I hope that The Doctor can stop her.Poor Rose :( she shouldn't doubt how he feels about her .

Author's Response: Oh, yes she is. Mwah ha ha! *grins* And yes, poor Rose! Next week will be fun. Thanks for reading!

sinecure2008.03.05 - 05:34PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
Ah, and the plot thickens. That nasty Melina... I didn't see this coming. I'm rather happy with this turn of events, because it means the story will continue. A lot, right? ;)

Author's Response: Oh, yes it does! And there\'s actually not much more to go in this story - maybe to \'Vingt-Deux\'? Total guess on my part. Thanks for your kind comments!

Ciaviel2008.03.05 - 04:04PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
This is really well-written! I absolutely can't *stand* Melina.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And that is *exactly* the reaction I was looking for!

QT3142008.03.05 - 01:02PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
Uh oh. I sense an unpleasantness. Well written cliff hanger.

Author's Response: Yep. Melina is eeeeeeeeevil! And thank you!

AnnieO2008.03.05 - 12:00PM17: Dix-SeptSigned
Eeek! Not good...how are they going to get out of this one

Author's Response: No - not good at all! Thanks for commenting!

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