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Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 09:01PM16: SeizeSigned
This is wonderful but so heartbreaking when you remember their ultimate fate after they've bonded for life. And I'm sure he could sense it, poor Doctor. This really is a brilliant sory and it's only just over half way through. Please don't tell me everything's going to go terribly wrong now? lol

Author's Response: Mmmmm... two very different things, mating and bonding. A bond can be manipulated and broken; a mating can not, and would be for life. As for their ultimate fate, I\'m plugging my fingers in my ears right now... LA LA LA! *grins* As for the timelines the Doctor was seeing, he could only see the various outcomes of the situation they were in, he would not have been able to see all the way forward to \'Doomsday\' in his state.

And look, you\'re halfway through! *claps* I will try not to tell you that everything is going to go terribly wrong. Just some things. *grins*

Thank you for all of the kind reviews! Your fingers must be tired.

PollyDoo2008.03.02 - 11:45AM16: SeizeSigned
GUH. *Climbs in a freezer* That was HOT! and Sexy :D

I started reading a few days ago, I love it, really like the idea.Wonderfully written , I like the mind bond with Rose and The Doctor.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

GallifreyanWolf2008.02.28 - 11:56AM16: SeizeSigned
Wow well worth waiting for :D Loved the bit at the end, their two minds together. Cant wait for next chap.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

cordelialear2008.02.27 - 09:31PM16: SeizeSigned
Yep, you rock! I'm interested to see what the after effects will be. Awkwardness? Minimal, probably. They were so close, and so in love already. I'm still interested to see what it is they will exactly be talking about, and how their new chapter will affect the whole 'run for your life' scenario that will more than likely come about. Love this!

Author's Response: The after effects don\'t sound like what you\'re expecting, heh. And nope - no one will be running for their lives. *is cryptic*

Thank you for the lovely comments!

Jula2008.02.27 - 06:42PM16: SeizeSigned
Oooh that was WEEEEEEL worth the wait! OMG I think I may have to re-read the whole story again!

Author's Response: Oh good! *dances* I re-read the entire thing myself last week. It took me a little longer than I expected - this story is getting a bit longer than I originally anticipated. *grins* Thank you for the kind comments!

sinecure2008.02.27 - 05:03PM16: SeizeSigned
Hot! But then again, duh.

Looking forward to conversations and consequences now. Can't wait to see what's ahead for them. What all this mating business means exactly.

Author's Response: It will be interesting - and might not be what you\'re expecting! Thanks for reading!

Sali232008.02.27 - 02:52PM16: SeizeSigned
Wow! Hot! Phew! Off for a cold shower!
Excellant, give yourself a gold star for that one x

Author's Response: Thank you!

Whofreak2008.02.27 - 01:51PM16: SeizeSigned
Holy Hot-Diggity, Batman!
Need a cold, damp cloth right about now.
And need to stop reading these at work. :o)
Fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Ooooh - bad you, reading at work! Thank you so much for the kind comments!

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