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Minuial2008.02.17 - 11:44AM14: QuatorzeSigned
This is no longer evil. This is beyond evil. This is downright cruel.
And the worst is, I kinda like those cliffies. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Seems like the Doctor isn't controling his Time Lord abilities very well at the moment/ Too much human side ?

Author's Response: Yes, I am very evil and bad. Maybe we should have a poll/contest to see what everyone\'s favorite cliffhanger is - there\'s so darned many to choose from!

The Doctor\'s TL abilities are coming back and he\'s getting a bit overwhelmed by so much at once - poor Ten! Thanks for reading!

cordelialear2008.02.14 - 09:00AM14: QuatorzeSigned
Already reveiwed at LJ, but I thought, hey, reviews are like drugs, they keep the author addicted to writing the story:)

Can I just send my official "Argh!" to the heavens for this cliffhanger?

Patiently awaiting the next chapter!

(oh, and thanks again for the birthday present!)

Author's Response: Ah - you have a different username there! *makes mental note* Sorry for the cliffie - Rose really wasn\'t happy about it either. *grins*

Hope you had a great birthday and Happy Valentine\'s Day!

Jula2008.02.14 - 01:07AM14: QuatorzeSigned
Ah. The Evil Cliffhangers of Doom. We meet at last, for the last time. Mwah=hah-hah!

Author's Response: Oh no - you\'ve got me started again! \"Hello, Evil Cliffhanger of Doom - know this - you are not alone.\" Mwah hah hah!!!

Only problem is that FOB quotes are very, very few...problem, that.

dragonwho2008.02.13 - 07:54PM14: QuatorzeSigned
Uh...you always leave me like this! Damn, that's just evil...next week, get here sooner!

Author's Response: Next Wednesday will be here before you know it! I\'m really hoping to have things finished up before Series 4 starts, but you know.... *handwave* Thanks for reading!

sinecure2008.02.13 - 04:48PM14: QuatorzeSigned
Okay, see, now I know you're doing the cliffhangers on purpose, and that's just mean. *pout*

At least there are regular updates, so I don't have to wait TOO long for more. I'm just the impatient sort is all. More, more, more please.

Author's Response: Hey, I have to keep you interested, right?

*wishes she were the sort that could write faster*

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