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avoria2009.07.21 - 07:03PM13: TreizeSigned

BLOOD?! What are you doing to us?! Also sorry for no review last chapter, I was desperate to just Get To The Next One. And blimey, what a chapter.

But seriously. Blood? D: Noooooooo!!

On the other hand, I have just found out this fic has 30 chapters, not 20, which makes me deliriously happy as I thought I was nearing the end. Hooray!

Author's Response: Yes, blood. Don\'t panic just yet. There\'ll be more to panic over later. ;) Yep, 30 chapters. I got a bit wordy. *grins*

ClocketPatch2008.02.06 - 11:59PM13: TreizeSigned
I somehow lost track of this story, and now it has more chapters, and I am very happy. Chocolate Doctor!!! *squeeeeee!!!!!!!*

Author's Response: Oh noes! I\'m glad you found it again. *squees with you* Thanks for reading!

KcRae2008.02.06 - 11:08PM13: TreizeSigned
Oh goodness i tried not to read anything until i properly updated but two whole chapters and I had to read them!!! I was NOT disappointed. Fantastic! ooo the mystery of the blood and rose piecing things together. I have to wonder, IS he responding to traces of the sopoforic or...? hmmm. LOVELY! Can't wait 'til wednesday!

Author's Response: I was wondering where you\'d gone off to! You might get your question answered next Wednesday! At least partly. *grins* Thanks for reading!

DalekSteph2008.02.06 - 10:51PM13: TreizeSigned
Okay, I've had a really bad day, so please forgive le fait qu'il n'y a pas de francais ... (et des accents... )

Mais, mon jour a ameliore beacoup parce que vous avez me donne une nouvelle chapitre!

Omg -- the Doctor? Sucking chocolate ?? Mon Dieu! I am going to have to read this over again. Rose is bound to remember her split lip, and ... there's no way the Doctor is doing what he's doing in his sleep without knowing he's doing it...

I can't wait for next Wednesday!

Author's Response: Je suis désolé que vous ayez eu un mauvais jour! We\'ll just do this half-French, half-English. *grins*

And yes, wanted his share of the chocolate, that one. The Doctor is still not back to himself just yet - Ses barrières sont en baisse en ce moment. *grins* See you next Wednesday - I hope today is a better day for you!

Jula2008.02.06 - 07:30PM13: TreizeSigned
when I regain the power of speech....


Author's Response: *revives you with chocolate*
Better hurry before Ten eats it! *laughs*

dragonwho2008.02.06 - 07:00PM13: TreizeSigned
Guh! Finger-licking, chocolate-eating Doctor....

*brain overloads*
*rendered speechless*
*wonders when next Wednesday is, again?*

Author's Response: Oh no! I\'ve sent you into brain overload! *Looks ahead into the next few chapters* It\'s not looking good for recovery - I\'m so sorry. *grins* Thanks for reading!

sinecure2008.02.06 - 04:24PM13: TreizeSigned
The Doctor AND chocolate?! Come on now, you're trying to kill us, aren't you? At least it'll be a pleasant death.

So, Rose is going to remember. Good. Can't have her running around without the knowledge of the Doctor, um... helping her out, now can we?

Great chapter... if still a bit short. But, I forgive because there are regular updates. ;)

Author's Response: Oh no...I\'ll kill you later. ;)

You\'ll find out next Wednesday! I usually aim for around 2000 words a chapter, it seems to flow a little better for me with that amount. And yes, I\'m a fan of regular updates, so I\'ll try to keep up with that. Thanks for reading!

cordelialear2008.02.06 - 03:42PM13: TreizeSigned
Bring on the memories... The only real question here is, will she remember his explanation? Otherwise, makes an already awkward situation WAY creepy. This is just beautifully written!

Author's Response: No creepiness - promise! Thank you very much for the kind words!

lostwolf2008.02.06 - 12:54PM13: TreizeSigned
Ooo - is she going to remember why she bled and how the Doctor helped her out?! Can't wait for more - you are KILLING me!!!

Author's Response: You\'ll find out next Wednesday! *revives you with chocolate* Thanks for reading!

Sidhe2008.02.06 - 12:42PM13: TreizeSigned
I've really been enjoying this story - I can't wait for updates.

*begs for longer chapters*

This is just sooooooo great :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much - I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it. I\'d do longer chapters, but then it might be longer between updates....*ponders*

Thanks for reading!

Minuial2008.02.06 - 10:38AM13: TreizeSigned
And now you mix chocolate with the Doctor, not to mention how he's eating it. Do you want my death?
Go on, I like it!
Wonder if she's going to remember something with the piece of shirt.

Author's Response: *laughs and passes you some chocolate*

You\'ll find out next Wednesday! Thanks for reading!

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