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Minuial2008.02.04 - 10:57AM12: DouzeSigned
Phew ! Yeah well, glad I didn't read this at work, however great was the temptation because this would have shot my concentration to hell.
Those cliffies.... it has to end, it's killing me!

Author's Response: Ooooh - not good to read at work. There\'s a reason for that \'adult\' rating, after all. *grins* And this wasn\'t even one of the bad cliffies! I\'m waiting for you all to start pelting me with tomatoes for one that\'s coming up in a few chapters! Thanks for reading!

Willdew2008.02.02 - 04:31AM12: DouzeSigned
Still utterly rockawesome. :D Man, I just adore the premise, you know. It's ever so slightly camp but you pull it off with class.

Author's Response: What, only *slightly* camp? This is so totally camp and cliched, it\'s crazy! *grins* Thanks for reading!

dragonwho2008.01.31 - 09:57AM12: DouzeSigned
Just gotta keep us hanging, don't you? Loving this story...it's all new to me as I never saw Four....

Author's Response: Yup, gotta keep everyone coming back. And you\'ve never seen Four? Really? o_0 You\'ll have to remedy that at some point, you know. Thanks for reading!

Jula2008.01.30 - 11:44PM12: DouzeSigned
There is NO way I can last a week to read some more of this utterly brilliant ficcie! *squee!!!!* It is full of squeeeee.....!!!!!

Author's Response: Wow, and this wasn\'t even one of the really bad cliffies! Thanks for reading and I hope you can hang on until next Wednesday!

sinecure2008.01.30 - 05:34PM12: DouzeSigned
Great update except... too short!

I really need to go back and re-watch the episodes with Four, these ones especially. Heh. I'll be thinking of this story when I do, which will be weird. In a good way.

Can't wait 'til Wednesday!

Author's Response: Sorry? I usually aim for roughly 2000 words, give or take a few hundred.
I\'ve watched that serial waaaaaay to many times for research purposes. For anyone reading through these reviews who wants to see what the Sisters look like, I finally found a decent picture - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v408/mtemplar/Sisterhood.jpg
Next Wednesday will be here before you know it - thanks for reading!

Sali232008.01.30 - 02:49PM12: DouzeSigned
What can we do to persuade/bride you to update before next Wednesday? OMG that was intense, beautiful and wonderful. Just what sensation has Rose been exposed to- is it the Doctor's love for her?

Oh well, I'm counting down the hours only approx 168 to go :)

Author's Response: Ack - you all make it so difficult to stick to my guns on the Wednesday updates! Tell you what - I gave a one-word hint in French a few reviews down as to what\'s coming up in \'Treize\' - I\'ll give it here in English. One word - chocolate.
And really? 168 hours? *wonders if she\'s really that predictable*

Author's Response: Oh - almost missed your question - are you talking about exposure to artron or the bit at the end of the chapter? She hasn\'t absorbed any artron, if it\'s that. If it\'s the bit at the end of the chapter, you\'ll see next Wednesday! *runs away to hide*

lostwolf2008.01.30 - 02:47PM12: DouzeSigned
Evil cliffy! Humph.

Author's Response: Sorry! Still, it\'s not one of the worst ones, right?

dettiot2008.01.30 - 02:42PM12: DouzeSigned
Okay, these cliffhangers? Are killing me. I've been eager for this chapter since Monday, and I reach the end only to go, "Aiiieeee!!! I wish it was next Wednesday already!" Seriously, though, the tension just keeps building and building. And Rose is just in the dark, but trying so hard to do everything she can to help the Doctor. Just fantastic. Thank you!

Author's Response: *fears for her life*
Ah, but I have to keep you interested, right? And it is terribly difficult to keep everything in Rose\'s perspective - she *is* very much in the dark, putting the reader in a similar situation. I hope it works. Thanks for reading and not killing me! *grins*

DalekSteph2008.01.30 - 12:28PM12: DouzeSigned
D'accord ... J'ai trouvé un méthod d'ouvrant cette chapître "adulte" au travail ... (Je travaille à une université chrétiène, neanmoins !)

Vous êtes très cruelle, vous savez. Mettez une chapître seulement une fois par semaine ... c'est méchante.

Votre histoire continue à construire l'anticipation, et je dois savoir la prochaine chose ... Qu'est-ce qu'il pense, dans son esprit ? Sait-t-il qu'elle l'a aidé ? ???? O! Je veux le mercredi prochaine MAINTENANT!

Bon travail, mtemplar!

Author's Response: Ooooh - lecture tandis qu\'au travail? Faites attention très! Je suis désolé d\'être un auteur lent. Je serai aimable et vous donnerai un indice pour ce qui se produit dans le prochain chapitre. Un mot - chocolat. *grins* Le mercredi prochain sera ici bientôt. Merci de me laisser pratiquer mon français!

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