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avoria2009.07.21 - 06:48PM11: OnzeSigned
Oh, my. There's something quite sweet about all this actually, like ... animals discovering each other or something. But obviously much better than that and a lot less lame.

Brava, I must say. And still, poor Doctor! I hope he doesn't remember, either. Though what a barrel of laughs that would be. He'd remember 'helping' her and she'd remember 'helping' him but nothing would come of it XD

Author's Response: Animals? I suppose that\'s a fairly good analogy, at least for the Doctor. He\'s operating on pure instinct.

Funny you should mention \'what a barrel of laughs\' it would be if he remembers.... *grins*

Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 07:23PM11: OnzeSigned
Aww, I love the added detail about the bond. That is an absolutly lovely thought that he was forming it with her subconciously. It's added extra's like this that really make the story great!

Author's Response: You\'ll get more details about the bond as you read along, more notably toward the end, I think. And thank you!

Flowergirl2008.01.27 - 10:04AM11: OnzeSigned
Why did I not read this chapter any sooner? Oh well, not long to wait until Wednesday!

The Doctor has subconsciously begun to bond with Rose - lucky girl :D And, of course, Rose was always going to help with the extraction - bet the Doctor didn't anticipate that happening...

Very interesting chapter. Great writing, as always.

Author's Response: Not long at all now until Wednesday. And no, the Doctor had no idea that Rose was going to \'help out\', so to speak. *grins* Thanks for reading!

DalekSteph2008.01.23 - 06:55PM11: OnzeSigned
(That should be "jusqu'au mercredi prochain" sorry.) =)

I want Wednesday right now!

Author's Response: No worries. *laughs* I\'m still finding it odd that people actually wait for new installments of my drivel. It\'s a strange feeling, really. Ah well - next Wednesday will be here before you know it!

DalekSteph2008.01.23 - 06:54PM11: OnzeSigned
Oh, hell no, you did not just leave it right there! What about completion for the rest of us??? *blushes, but only slightly**

I mean, seriously, what did you expect???? You're making me wait jusqu'a le mercredi prochain????

Unfair. Simply unfair.

Mais, vraiment, vous etes brilliante! (Je suppose vous etes une femme -- des hommes ne savent pas comment ecrire la vrai suspens, ou de la romance... ou, honnetement, du "smut")

Ah, bien ... votre abilite de raconter votre histoire completement... comment dit-on? rapturously ... c'est incroyable. Cette interprétation de "you must have sex or die by our nefarious, sex-needing hands" ... c'est la meilleure interpretation dans ce site. Allons-y, mercredi! (ahaha! J'suis poete!)

Author's Response: Oui, je l\'ai laissé droit là, je suis désolé pour vous faire l\'attente jusqu\'au mercredi prochain! Au moins le pauvre Docteur ne doit pas attendre, droit ? Et oui, je suis femelle - vous pouvez habituellement dire par le modèle d\'écriture. Et c\'est la première fois que j\'ai jamais vu le mot \'Allons-y\' dans une revue! Merci de me laisser pratiquer mon français faible!

Willdew2008.01.23 - 06:05PM11: OnzeSigned
*laughs* "Elixir" has to be the best euphemism ever. I'm really glad to see you updating again.

Author's Response: Don\'t forget to tip your waitress - I\'m here every Wednesday. *grins* Thanks for reading!

Jula2008.01.23 - 05:11PM11: OnzeSigned
Eeeexcellent...I love when Rose gets all possessive! Update soon!

Author's Response: Hee! You channel \'Mr. Smithers\' quite well! *taps fingers along with you* Thanks for reading!

Sali232008.01.23 - 04:26PM11: OnzeSigned
I've missed your updates for a few weeks, but my was I in for a treat tonight. HOT is all I can say, but will the Doctor be lucid almost immediately or will he fall asleep and give Rose a chance to calm herself. Only another week to wait :)

Author's Response: Oh no! I\'m glad you found this again. And...not telling - but I\'m sure you can guess, right? See you next Wednesday!

lostwolf2008.01.23 - 12:21PM11: OnzeSigned
Oh - lovely! Bonded. YES! And Rose's protectiveness and ... oh it was just lovely. Next week is so far away :-(

Author's Response: Thank you! I apologize for not being nearly as prolific as you are! But in any case, I\'m sure the week will fly by in no time. Thanks for reading!

littlemadame2008.01.23 - 11:32AM11: OnzeSigned
Si tu veux pratiquer le Francais..moi aussi je peux commenter en Francais. ;)
Enfin, pauvre Docteur , tu l'a fait souffrir! J'imagine que lorsque le soporifique ne fera plus effet, ils vont tout les deux faire semblant qu'il ne s'est rien passe! --sans accents--clavier anglophone :( --
J'ai aussi bien aime l'idee du lien que le Docteur a commence a construire entre lui et Rose. La semaine va etre longue!
Voila..c'est tout pour aujourd'hui!

Author's Response: Oooh - un autre parleur français ! Maintenant je devrai faire attention ce que je dis dans ces commentaires ! Oui, pauvre Docteur - il ne se rappellera pas beaucoup de cette expérience. Nous devrons voir si les futurs événements incitent le Docteur et la Rose à faire une prétention des choses. Désolé pour mon mauvais Français - merci de me laisser pratiquer (avec mon clavier américain - aucuns accents) !

Minuial2008.01.23 - 10:54AM11: OnzeSigned
*fans herself* Good thing I didn't try to read this at work.
I like that it's not only sex:

When I probed his mind, I could see the bond. It is weak, but exists. The Time Lord more than likely does not realize its presence.

No. The Time Lord is mated, but his mate is no more. He subconsciously seeks another and has begun the process with a bonding - to you.

Author's Response: Oooh - work-reading could be bad. I put that \'adult\' tag on there for a reason! *grins* And it could never be \'only sex\' with 10/R, right? At least not in this story. Thanks for reading!

hellhathnofury2008.01.23 - 10:53AM11: OnzeSigned
Yes! Update!

Author's Response: Someone is excited here - I can tell. *grins* Thanks for reading!

dragonwho2008.01.23 - 10:22AM11: OnzeSigned
Honest, I wasn't criticizing you in last weeks review....it's just hard to wait when a story is this good!
And this chapter is hot, hot, HOT! So they're forming a bond, eh? Maybe it'll be much more obvious after this experience!

Author's Response: Oh - no worries. I figured you were impatient, which is a good thing, right? And yes, there is a weak bond between them right now which the Doctor may not be aware of. More details to come. *grins* Thanks for reading!

dettiot2008.01.23 - 10:16AM11: OnzeSigned
I so love what you're doing with this story, slowly drawing things out, allowing us to see things so much through Rose's eyes. It's beautifully done. Also, this chapter? Friggin' hot as hell. :-) It's gonna be a long week . . .

Author's Response: It\'s a challenge, keeping the Rose perspective. Especially if she\'s drugged! Thanks for the lovely review!

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