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avoria2009.07.21 - 06:38PM10: DixSigned
What? Oh, no! Although not entirely surprising ... he only loves her, tee hee hee.

Still, reading that... seduction from the others. God, that hurt. Poor Rose! I could only imagine what that must have been like. Gut wrenching, I should imagine. She'll need therapy after that xD

Aside from, you know, the fact that only she does it for him. More tee hee. Hee! :D

Author's Response: And he\'s still fighting them on an entirely subconscious level - even though he agreed to the extraction, he is still *very* aware that his bondmate is in the area. So yes - only Rose will do. *grins*

Minuial2008.01.18 - 11:44AM10: DixSigned
Of course, should have figured earlier that even with a potent drug, only Rose could do the trick.
Argh, what a cliffhanger!

Author's Response: And \'Onze\' will hopefully tie up some more loose ends - and leave you with another cliffhanger! Thanks for reading!

DalekSteph2008.01.18 - 01:43AM10: DixSigned
Oh, mon dieu! J'ai lu ton chapître une autre fois ce soir ... et... Il y a un milliard des pensés que j'ai eu en lisant de ceci...

Je crois que le bon Docteur serait offensé s'il savait des pensés de Rose... En particulier qu'il "ne danse pas"... quelle blague! Il veut danser beaucoup, mais il doit avoir le compagnon propre. ^__^

Je ne veux pas imaginer quelles horreurs et quelles cauchemars le Docteur a maintenant ... J'éspère que la Rose fixe "la probleme" tout de suite!

Est-ce qu'elle sera capable de voir dans l'esprit de lui, comme il a fait?

O! Je veux le mercredi maintenant!

(Et, c'est d'accord. J'aime pratiquer mon francais, aussi! Je suis desolée ... mon "laptop" ne fait pas des accents, donc j'utilise "character map" mais j'suis paresseuse un moitié de temps... )

Author's Response: Bonjour encore ! J\'obtiens deux commentaires de vous sur un chapitre - vous l\'aiment beaucoup ? Je pense que le bon Docteur serait offensé s\'il savait de la pensée de Rose qu\'il \'ne danse pas \'. Le problème sera indiqué dans \'Onze \'. Je ne peux donner plus des détails - même dans mon Français terrible ! Mercredi sera ici avant que vous sachiez - merci de me laisser pratiquer (je n\'ai aucune idée comment employer une \'character map\', ainsi j\'espère que je me comprends) !

ClocketPatch2008.01.16 - 09:35PM10: DixSigned
So basically Rose is going to er... dance with the Doctor in order to save an ancient race of almost Time-Lords?

Kind of thought it was moving in that direction, but still amazing to see.

Author's Response: Hello again! *waves* It\'s not quite that simple, Rose has some different motivations. \'Onze\' will elaborate on that a bit more. Thanks for reading!

dragonwho2008.01.16 - 07:08PM10: DixSigned
Oooh! And to think that you make us wait a week at a time....grrrr! This is really good story though.....

Author's Response: Um...sorry? I\'ll admit that RL is busy AND I\'m a terribly pokey writer. I am glad to hear that you\'re enjoying the story though - thank you!

Flowergirl2008.01.16 - 04:53PM10: DixSigned
Woah. I had sort of expected that Rose might be called upon to help...interesting that Rose might possibly have to help the Doctor in the way he helped her though... I wonder if Rose will begin to remember about that incident at all?

Is the Doctor actually aware what is going on? He seems to be trying to resist, struggle against what they are trying to get him to do...

Really, really, really, really, really, looking forward to the next chapter! I don't think I'll be able to wait until next Wednesday!

Oh, and yes, I am British :)

Author's Response: Something might come up to jar Rose\'s memory a bit, yes. *helpfully points to \'Neuf\'* The Doctor is pretty much out of it right now - he\'s thinking he\'s going to go all explody and regenerate, among other things. Sorry about the wait!

DalekSteph2008.01.16 - 04:51PM10: DixSigned
Si la Rose ne le fait pas, je le ferai! tee hee!

Maintenant, je suis au 'aéroport, mais le lendemain, j'ecris en plus, d'accord?

C'est tres bien, et, je veux l'onze! L'onze hier!!! Bisous!

Author's Response: Vous devrez obtenir dans la ligne derrière la Soeur Melina ! * des rires * Ayez un beau voyage - onze seront signalés la semaine prochaine. Merci de me laisser pratiquer mon français !

lostwolf2008.01.16 - 02:44PM10: DixSigned
if i ask really nicely everywhere can I have the next chapter early?

Author's Response: *laughs* No! But I will admit you all are making it very difficult to stick to my self-imposed posting schedule! Thanks for reading!

dettiot2008.01.16 - 02:39PM10: DixSigned
Gah!!! I had a feeling the story was moving towards this, but I was still shocked when it happened, the idea that Rose is going to have to do for the Doctor what he just did for her. How ironic and tragic, that each of them will remember what they've done to the other, but not what was done to them. I really really really can't wait for the next part--I hope it comes soon!

Author's Response: *points to her \'angst\' tag* Am I doing it right? I hope you continue to enjoy this twisted little tale - with a few more forks in the road to come!

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