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avoria2009.07.21 - 06:30PM9: NeufSigned

Haha, sorry. Wow, what a chapter. They fly by so fast; I'm already nearly half way through :( What's going to happen to me when there's nothing left to read??

Author's Response: Nah, you\'re only about a third of the way through at this point. And I\'m sure you\'ll find more stuff to read. *grins*

Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 06:57PM9: NeufSigned
Oh dear, Rose doesn't realise what she's about to see. Does she? lol Oh well, she'll find out soon enough.... This really is excellently written. You've thought of everything, including Rose's ability to speak alien languages through the Doctor and the Tardis. Brilliant!

Author's Response: Um... nope. She has no idea. *grins* It really irks me (even in the show) when the TARDIS isn\'t available, everyone can still understand each other, so... *shrugs* It would make sense for that to happen with the Doctor\'s link to the TARDIS severed. And thanks!

ClocketPatch2008.01.16 - 12:02AM9: NeufSigned
'Dix' is actually done, but it's not being posted until next Wednesday. Sorry! Would a soundtrack help to pacify you?

that's just mean that is

Author's Response: I\'m actually glad sometimes that I\'ve held things in order to keep to my self-imposed schedule. For example, I just made a last-minute tweak to \'Dix\' so that an event in \'Douze\' will make more sense. \'Dix\' will be up later this morning, so you won\'t have long to wait now, right? In case it\'s the soundtrack that you\'re commenting about, the music for most of the chapters is listed individually at my fic journal. It\'s a bit Madonna-heavy, but works well with the Rose-centric POV in this story.

Flowergirl2008.01.14 - 08:17AM9: NeufSigned
I found this story quite by accident but I decided to give it a try. I am enjoying this fic thoroughly. It is intriguing, interesting and the characters are very well written.

Add this to my favourites list.

Keep up the good work. And please, update soon!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you found it and continue to enjoy! And I am humbled to be on your favorites list (you must be British!), thank you! I usually update on Wednesdays - I can\'t predict how long it will take the new chapter to get through the validation process, but the latest chapter gets posted to my fic journal first. Thanks for reading!

Minuial2008.01.13 - 09:51AM9: NeufSigned
In a few moments, when the Time Lord's link with his ship is blocked, we will not be able to communicate
Oh sh*t. And things weren't easy to begin with!

Author's Response: *laughs* I couldn\'t make things easy for them at all, now could I? Thanks for reading!

Willdew2008.01.12 - 04:02AM9: NeufSigned
Aha, this is so lovely. And naughty. *grins* I'm really coming to like Lyra as an original character. And it's fun to see Rose watching and stewing as ritualized kink occurs. And what else. Oh! The "wrench" is great because people very rarely address problems like that in fic, even if they're talking about the TARDIS disappearing or dying for whatever reason while Rose isn't at home. So kudos again!

Author's Response: There\'s been numerous times in TV canon that the TARDIS has disappeared, been stolen, etc. and yet everyone can understand each other perfectly - it\'s frustrating! Ah well - we\'ll see if the Doctor can remember how to speak English. *grins* Thanks for reading!

KcRae2008.01.10 - 10:27AM9: NeufSigned
i am absolutely loving this. i can'twait for chapter ten. or, um, dis?? Well, fabulous!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you\'re still enjoying it! \'Dix\' will be up next Wednesday. Thank you!

DalekSteph2008.01.09 - 11:00PM9: NeufSigned
Okay, so I had this great reply in French, and then the page decided to expire.

Tant pis.

It's so hard to formulate in ENGLISH, let alone French when given something like this. Forgive my weakness!!

Mais, mon Dieu! Le pauvre Docteur! Il devient violé, practiquement, quoi qu'il ait donné la permission ... Et la pauvre Rose! Elle doit rester là-bas et regarder le debacle en éntier!

Mais, aussi, mon coeur a gelé quant j'avais realisé que le Docteur a fait un bandage avec sa chemise... il l'aime. C'est assez bien, non? /soupir dramatique!

Dix, on y va!

Author's Response: Oui, pauvre Docteur et pauvre Rose. Ils ont une autre torsion venir dans le Dix. La chemise déchirée du Docteur peut aider Rose à se rappeler quelques choses. Je suis très désolé pour mon mauvais Français - merci de me laisser pratiquer !

dragonwho2008.01.09 - 03:43PM9: NeufSigned
Next Wednesday??!! Oh, the torture!
Another great chapter....

Author's Response: Yes, I am pokey. Thanks for reading!

lostwolf2008.01.09 - 02:58PM9: NeufSigned
I WANT MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... pretty please?!!!

Author's Response: *laughs* \'Dix\' is actually done, but it\'s not being posted until next Wednesday. Sorry! Would a soundtrack help to pacify you?

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