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avoria2009.07.21 - 06:20PM8: HuitSigned
Oh, Doctor, you KNOW Rose isn't just going to "not" interfere. That is not what she does. Tut.

And might I commend the author on the absolutely beautiful handling of that situation. You make me love him more than I already do *sniff*

Author's Response: Yes, Ten is nothing but a perfect gentleman here. It\'s almost too bad that we\'re limited to Rose\'s POV here, because then you don\'t see how much strain he\'s under - with holding back and all.

DalekSteph2008.01.08 - 09:26PM8: HuitSigned
Oh, I read this update ages ago, but wasn't able to post my review ... shame on me!

Whew. What talented hands you have Doctor! And, yeah, I caught that he was trying to be as selfless as possible ... good guy, that Doctor ...

But, seriously -- even though it was selfless, it was hot. I am really looking forward to the consensual part ... My guess is that it's not going to be in neuf... or dix, huh?

Here's hoping for Neuf's quick arrival... someone's go to help the Doctor like he helped her, right?? =) =) =)

Author's Response: What? What?! What?!? I don\'t get to practice my French? Ah well, it\'s pretty terrible anyway. *grins* And...you\'ll have to wait and see! You won\'t have to wait long for \'Neuf\' - it\'ll be posted tomorrow morning. Thanks for the review!

Willdew2008.01.03 - 06:24AM8: HuitSigned
Only *the Doctor* would apologize to one of his more often than not lovesick companions for submitting them to an earth-shattering telepathic handjob. I am torn between feeling sorry for Rose and just giggling like a hyena over the mutual cluelessness.

Author's Response: *Nods* Yup, he\'s got issues, that one. As for the telepathic part (which I\'m glad someone picked up on, btw), he\'s in her head to gauge her response to try to make things as quick as possible - ie he\'s doing his best to be a gentleman and I hope it comes off as such. Unfortunately, the connection can and does go both ways, as in \'GITF\'. Thanks for reading!

dettiot2008.01.02 - 07:43PM8: HuitSigned
Hoo boy, things are getting interesting, aren't they? Very eager to see how Rose is going to handle the Doctor submitting to the extraction . . . and whether/when she'll remember what happened when she was under the effects of the soporific. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Mmm-hmm. Yes, they are. I\'ve left some little clues as to what\'s coming (no pun intended there, really) next, maybe you\'ll be able to guess before the next installment? Thanks for reading!

arwentheta2008.01.02 - 03:57PM8: HuitSigned
Wow, oh my, what a chapter. Seriously Rose needs to intervene, and maybe, well help him with the extraction. Oh my, more, more, more.... was waiting for your story for the last two weeks, and well.... here I am waiting for neuf.

Author's Response: Ah, but \'Neuf\' is truly evil, and then you\'ll be waiting for \'Dix\'! If nothing else, at least we all get a refresher on counting in French. *grins* Thanks for reading!

Minuial2008.01.02 - 03:34PM8: HuitSigned
I've just found your story and read the eight chapters at once.
Very very good!

Author's Response: Wow - that\'s a lot to read at once! And thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

KcRae2008.01.02 - 02:59PM8: HuitSigned
Rose couldn't not interfere. Its just in her nature. I love this story, please let Rose get her Doctor. I do ave one question though. Why don't they let Rose help with the extraction?? At least then the Doctor would have been mkore willing...potentially. :) love it!

Author's Response: And...this is true! Can\'t just leave her standing about, can we? *laughs* Maybe you\'ll get your wish! Thanks for reading!

dragonwho2008.01.02 - 12:37PM8: HuitSigned
No time like the present, Rose! Go find him!!

Author's Response: *laughs* Go Rose, go! Thanks for reading!

Shen2008.01.02 - 11:48AM8: HuitSigned
I'm waiting for Rose to connect the dots between being a test rat for the soporific and the Doctor staying with her. And I agree with your other reviewers - oh my god, interfere!

Author's Response: *joins you in cheering Rose on* Thanks for reading!

lostwolf2008.01.02 - 11:44AM8: HuitSigned
Rose - this is an instruction - INTERFERE. NOW!!!!!!!! And do something you'll remember! ;-)

Author's Response: *laughs* Will Dame Rose of TARDIS save the day? Tune in next week! Thanks for reading!

jessdoctorwho212008.01.02 - 10:42AM8: HuitSigned
Rose not interfering,like thats going to happen.Its not fair that she doesn't remember.

Author's Response: There\'s a few things coming up that *might* trigger her memory. Thanks for reading!

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