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avoria2009.07.21 - 06:11PM7: SeptSigned
Oh my. *Now* I can see where this is going. Perhaps. Poor Rose.

But what an amazing use of the "drug-induced-horny" type thing. Completely believable and quite awful, actually, for the characters D:

Ah well. I'm sure they'll figure something out ;)

Author's Response: Mmmmm... not quite yet. There\'s a big curveball coming, but yes - I\'m having fun with a major cliche.

ClocketPatch2008.01.01 - 11:10PM7: SeptSigned
*smacks the Sisterhood* really, not very bright...

Gah!~ I don't know how I missed this installment, but it's brillant as ever. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: And look - you don\'t have to wait very long for an update! Thanks for reading!

KcRae2007.12.25 - 09:58PM7: SeptSigned
oh please of please oh please!! I love this story. I've been lurking for so long!! Sorry about that...Anyway can't wait 'til you're back. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s good to be back in the land of high-speed internet again. The next part *should* be posted on the 2nd, barring any major catastrophes. Thanks for reading!

KcRae2007.12.25 - 09:57PM7: SeptSigned
oh please of please oh please!! I love this story. I've been lurking for so long!! Sorry about that...Anyway can't wait 'til you're back. :)

DalekSteph2007.12.19 - 11:06PM7: SeptSigned
Non plus de supsens! C'est pas juste! C'est incroyable, l'histoire que vous avez formé... J'n suis pas capable d'attendre pour la prochaine!

Vraiment, il y a vingt (ou moins) chapitres?! Je crois que le suspens va me tuer! J'adore le Docteur quand il devient l'Orage Imminent. Vous créez (une verbe étrange, non?) une histoire tres sensible, croyable, et interessant... J'attends (pas tres patiente, voyez...) pour le 2 janvier!! Bonne année!

Author's Response: Désolé pour le suspens et pour vous faire l\'attente ! Les chapitres postérieurs sont toujours en cours d\'inscription et j\'espère garder le nombre au-dessous de vingt - probablement pas cependant, l\'histoire veut être plus longue. Merci de la lecture et bonnes fêtes ! Voyons si les citations de \'Princesse Bride \'sont encore drôles en français : \'La \'vie est douleur, altesse. N\'importe qui qui dit différemment vend quelque chose.\'

Author's Response: En outre - désolé pour mon Français terrible !

Leli10132007.12.19 - 10:50PM7: SeptSigned
I am so loving this fic. I wish more people would explore the Doctor's human heritage (although, I guess that's because not everyone is aware of it). Can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading it! The TV Movie is a bit controversial - I think a lot of people prefer to think of the Doc as 100% alien. It gets argued to death on the forums quite frequently. RTD apparently considers the movie to be canon, so I\'m running with that. *grins* And, here\'s your \'Princess Bride\' quote: \'I have some rope up here, but I do not think you would accept my help, since I am only waiting around to kill you. \'

Willdew2007.12.19 - 05:49PM7: SeptSigned
Ahaha, this was so exquisitely and unabashedly pulpy. I hope you have a nice vacation and that you update once you have 'net access again, because hot damn.

Author's Response: And...here\'s your \'Princess Bride\' quote! \'That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying \"As you wish\", what he meant was, \"I love you.\" And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.\' Thanks! I\'m really looking forward to spending quality time with my in-laws. *grimaces* And missing the Christmas special - kill me now! I think you\'ll like \'Huit\' - I\'ve already thoroughly depressed one of my betas. *grins*

Shen2007.12.19 - 05:15PM7: SeptSigned
Oh my god. XD That's a helluva cliffhanger!

Author's Response: And here\'s your \'Princess Bride\' quote - \'Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.\' Sorry about the cliffhanger. I\'m going to be sans internet over the holiday too! *feels bad* On the other hand, I think the cliffhanger for \'Huit\' is even more hideous - they seem to be getting worse as we go along. Hmmmmm.

rjrog772007.12.19 - 02:54PM7: SeptSigned

Hmm, can't imagine the Doctor's gonna be too impressed with them when he finds out what their little "test" has done.

Author's Response: Um, no. The Doctor Won\'t. Be. Pleased. Lesse - another \'Princess Bride\' quote for you - \'The eel doesn\'t get her. I\'m explaining to to because you look nervous.\' Terribly cryptic, no? Maybe I should just respond to reviews in \'Princess Bride\' quotes only! *laughs*

jessdoctorwho212007.12.19 - 01:06PM7: SeptSigned
I think experimenting on Rose was a bad move for the sisters.As for the Doctor will he be able to resist an aroused Rose?

Author's Response: Well, the Sisters did want to test their new sparkly soporific - and Rose unfortunately fit the bill. And - you\'ll have to wait and see! *grins evilly* Lesse - here\'s your \'Princess Bride\' quote for the day: \'You\'ve got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It\'s going to get you into trouble someday.\' *laughs*

lostwolf2007.12.19 - 11:26AM7: SeptSigned
Um - it's not making her sleepy! And the Doctor is about to get an armful of aroused Rose!!!! Can't wait!

Author's Response: Just an armful? Hmmmm. Thanks for reading! And just to continue our \"Princess Bride\" theme today, here\'s your quote: \'I mean, if we only had a wheelbarrow, that would be something.\' Now I really have to go rewatch that movie!

Principia2007.12.19 - 11:16AM7: SeptSigned
One wonders if Ten's about to go a little Princess Bride on them:

'You keep using that word, *soporific*. I do not think it means what you think it means.'

Is it possible that just Rose herself might have the type of energy stored that they need, given her Bad Wolf experience and her time in the TARDIS?

Or perhaps she could absorb/filter the Doctor's artron energy so nobody ends up gettin' fried...

Author's Response: *dies laughing* \'Hello! I\'m the Doctor! You hurt Rose - prepare to die!\' As for Rose, she carries a trace amount of the artron from traveling in the vortex. She does not actively absorb it.

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