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avoria2009.07.21 - 06:03PM6: SixSigned

I *love* what you've done here with the Doctor's history. I've no idea what, if any, of it is actually true but it may as well be. It all fits so wonderfully. And it really hits home how lonely he is now, and just how much he lost.

The problem with the whole Time War deal was that the Doctor was too mysterious for us to really know how it hit him personally. Through both CE and DT it's obvious it messed him up a lot, but ... I don't know, something about this fic just lets the reader see that but *more*.

And it's wonderful

Author's Response: The history is a combo of several different bits of DW canon, and just a touch of my own, actually. I was trying to come up with a plausible way for the Master to have received another set of regens from the TLs, and this is the result. Fic!

Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 05:58PM6: SixSigned
Wow this really is amazing! I'm thourally enjoying it. Was all that about the Doctor true? Unfortunately I don't know as much as I'd like about The Doctor in his earlier years. Well if it isn't you made it sound brilliantly real the way he was telling it and if it was then you relayed it perfectly! : ) This is exceptionally written!

Author's Response: The history is a mash of \'Lungbarrow\', the TV movie and my own imagination. Feel free to email if you want specifics, and thank you!

Willdew2007.12.19 - 05:39PM6: SixSigned
Awesome sauce. I enjoyed how the Doctor answers her questions but still tries to be detached about it. And it seems like a perfect setup--the only reason he'd do so is to keep her moving.

Author's Response: Oooh - you\'re back on \'Six\'. I\'ll try to restrict my \'Princess Bride\' insanity to \'Sept\' only. *grins* Yep, the Doctor would Never Ever tell anyone all of this stuff without some potentially life-threatening situation going on, or some serious arm-twisting at the very least!

DalekSteph2007.12.12 - 06:42PM6: SixSigned
Oh, holy crap, you just did not leave it at that tantalizing cliffhanger!

Okay, so you did, and I am eagerly awaiting sept, huit et neuf... et dix, s'il y a un dix...

This is such a great story!

Author's Response: Um, yeah I did. I have a truly hideous one planned for next week. *hides* J\'espère qu\'il sera au-dessous de vingt!

Sournote2007.12.12 - 03:11PM6: SixSigned
Brilliant cliffhanger. And I love the detail you're going into with the Doctor's past.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Principia2007.12.12 - 01:21PM6: SixSigned
Interesting... just out of curiosity, how much of the loom/Lungbarrow politics bit is book canon and how much is new?

The situation here reminds me a bit of the 'red room' scene in Utopia: of *course* the only way the Doctor's going to open up is during some potentially life-threatening emergency when he has no means to draw the conversation in a different direction.

Author's Response: I\'m flattered that you\'re having trouble picking out my bits, actually! The major points taken from \'Lungbarrow\' are the idea of mated pairs (ie Castellan Andred and Leela); The Doctor leaving Gallifrey after anomalies are found in his DNA; the blackmail bit with his cousin Glospin (modified); and the parts about the looms and quotas. The bits about Time Lord familes are worked in from the statement the Doctor makes in the TV movie, and from scattered comments that the Doctor makes in the new series regarding family/children (ie - \'I was a father once\'). The novel \'Lungbarrow\', however, puts forth that the anomalies found in the Doctor\'s loomographic record are the result of him being the reincarnation of \'the Other\' - a kind of mythical figure that I really, really didn\'t want to go into. I substituted the \'half human\' canon-verse instead. I hope it works. Here\'s a link (complete with other links) for some more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lungbarrow \"Lungbarrow\" is a very interesting read if you ever have the time. I think there may be a link to the e-book on the wiki page. Thanks for reading!

lostwolf2007.12.12 - 11:45AM6: SixSigned
Brilliant! Wonderful history plus excitement and Rose discovering perhaps her and the Doctor not so impossible after all ... bliss!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Rose is thinking things may not be so impossible, but still... *glances at her \'angst\' tag*

ClocketPatch2007.12.12 - 11:08AM6: SixSigned
that wins as one of The Best explanations of the half-human question ever given.

And you kept the action going through a chapter of exposition AND ended it with a mighty cliff-hanger.

I bow to your obvious skill.

Author's Response: Skill - ha! I bow and scrape before my wonderful betas who keep reminding me about things I need to throw in! Thanks for reading!

littlemadame2007.12.12 - 10:33AM6: SixSigned
Argh! All this info (thanks for all the Old School Stuff!)..and hop! a cliffhanger!
Really, you have me hooked.

What are the Sisters going to do now?

It's well written, very well paced, and twisted in all the right places..can't wait to see how you unfold this.

Author's Response: Thank you! More twists are in the works. *grins evilly*

dettiot2007.12.12 - 09:55AM6: SixSigned
I am really enjoying this story, and this chapter was just great. I loved seeing Rose asking questions and wanting the Doctor to open up. The Doctor not wanting to tell her, and then giving in when he realizes that she needs to focus on something other than her physical state, was a very in-character moment. I really can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ^_^

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