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avoria2009.07.21 - 05:50PM5: CinqSigned
Ooer. Low and husky voice there Doctor, eh? ;)

Brilliantly handled. He was ... He was so him. *le sighe* Ah, how I love this fic.

Author's Response: Thanks - and it\'s really nice of you to comment on so many chapters! Your fingers are going to get tired.

Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 05:40PM5: CinqSigned
I'm suprised Rose isn't more reserved with her thoughts considering who's surrounding her. This is great! Didn't expect him to wake up and to be so positive about the idea though. lol.

Author's Response: You\'d think that, considering the Sisters are all telepaths. And yes, the Doctor wants to help them, just not necessarily like... that. *grins*

Principia2007.12.12 - 01:18PM5: CinqSigned
He's such a science dork that he was all excited and probably would've been perfectly willing to participate... until he found out the whole energy exchange involved him being molested.

I have to wonder if Lyra's *really* trying to let them get away/go get better equipment, or if the whole thing's a setup for the purpose of psychological manipulation?

Author's Response: He *is* such a dork! He\'s not so much opposed to \'being molested\', per se - he is genuinely concerned that he will harm them. The possible molestation is just adding to it. Hmmmm. That would be an interesting set-up. Good sister and bad sister. *ponders*

Willdew2007.12.07 - 01:42AM5: CinqSigned
I'm so happy to see you updated this story. I really like the whole setup and I think it's terribly cool that you researched the old series and wove it into the new. I hope the Doctor *is* going to be able to save the day this time! And I wonder what he's going to say to Rose about the whole... part human... revelation.

Author's Response: *laughs* - I\'m a huge old school fan! It really wasn\'t that much trouble to research the old series - my only problem is the shifting canon. *shrugs* Thanks for reading!

Binah2007.12.05 - 03:14PM5: CinqSigned

Author's Response: Interesting good? *hopes so*

Shen2007.12.05 - 02:52PM5: CinqSigned
This story is very interesting! The first chapter made me laugh, and the rest leaves me wanting more. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

lostwolf2007.12.05 - 12:18PM5: CinqSigned
Good on Lyra - but don't have a good feeling about any of this!

Author's Response: As well you shouldn\'t! ;)

ClocketPatch2007.12.05 - 11:11AM5: CinqSigned
This is - wow.

Old series and new series and novels combining into something very, very cool.

I'm curious (and concerned) to find out about the effect of altron energy on the Doctor.

Author's Response: Here\'s a linkie for more info on the artron: http://www.whoniverse.org/tardis/artronenergy.php I\'m mainly focusing on the black and blue text. I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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