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avoria2009.07.21 - 05:43PM4: QuatreSigned
I really only have one thing to say to this.


: >

Author's Response: *grins*

Principia2007.12.12 - 01:15PM4: QuatreSigned
Not exactly the way the Doctor would've wanted her to find any of this out - if ever...

Him trying to curl up with his temporary woobie was too adorable. Was he acting so childlike because Lyra had essentially regressed him while she was digging around, or is this just typical Ten cuteness?

Author's Response: If he had a choice - probably never. \'Woobie\' - I like that term. *grins* The Doctor was still a bit \'under the influence\' of the double-dose of soporific that he received. It has multiple effects, including that of mobilizing the artron - which is why the Doctor initially thinks that he\'s regenerated. Having Lyra picking around in there probably didn\'t help things. But then again, Ten *is* typically cute with occasional child-like behavior, so take your pick!

Willdew2007.11.28 - 05:08PM4: QuatreSigned
YES! Someone who understands the whole business where he is half-human *and* Loomed! (*Is in nerd heaven.*)

And I loved her reaction to the whole explanation of the Academy. "One of these days I'm gonna have to get my A-levels, aren't I?" Poor girl. Maybe one day she'll run into someone who can explain the whole "scraped by on the second attempt with 51%" business. Might make her feel a bit better....

I can't wait to see what happens. Part of me hopes they'll escape and part of me hopes the Doctor agrees to participate with certain ah, conditions. (Heh, like Rose is there....)

Author's Response: Maybe she\'ll run into someone who can explain in say...chapter six? *snickers* And maybe you\'ll get your wish - wait and see! Thanks for reading!

jessdoctorwho212007.11.28 - 03:11PM4: QuatreSigned
This is great.Love that Rose is learning more about the Doctor.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you\'re still enjoying it - thanks!

dettiot2007.11.28 - 01:04PM4: QuatreSigned
I'm really enjoying this story--seeing Rose learn more about the Doctor, as she tries to figure out a way to get them both out of this situation. Very eager for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! The Doctor would never tell Rose anything without some serious arm-twisting, so it\'s fun having her learn some little things about him in a roundabout way.

Lady Yueh2007.11.28 - 01:03PM4: QuatreSigned

Very interesting. I love the history/mythology you've woven in here.

*wants more*

Author's Response: Thanks - it\'s a challenge, given that canon differs depending on your source. *Yes, you\'ll get more - soon*

littlemadame2007.11.28 - 12:45PM4: QuatreSigned
Methinks that you are a tease!
...and a very good one !
I'm hooked....please may we have some more of this wonderfully written adventure? (does flattery work? does it make you write faster?) no? Nevermind!
Lovely stuff...can't wait for your next update.

Author's Response: Is that good? *hopes so* Flattery is lovely, thanks. I hope it\'s merited! \'Cinq\' is out for beta, \'Six\' is halfway done at this point. I\'m planning on posting once a week - I hope that isn\'t too optimistic given that the holidays are coming up. Thanks for reading!

lostwolf2007.11.28 - 12:23PM4: QuatreSigned
I love Rose finding out these little snippets that will help her deal with the Doctor. More please, asap?

Author's Response: And there\'s more snippets on the way! Hmmm...dealing with the Doctor? *likes that line* More is coming - soon! Thanks for reading.

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