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avoria2009.07.21 - 05:37PM3: TroisSigned

It is my own personal fanon and nobody is going to convince me otherwise. So thank you, thank you, for putting it in your fic.

*mega squee*

Author's Response: It\'s controversial, and even TPTB go back and forth on the subject. But... that said? It makes total sense. So you\'re very welcome.

Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 01:18PM3: TroisSigned
Wow, I really am enjoying this! I love Lyla's character and the whole Sisters of Karn. This is brilliantly written. Truely, it is!

Author's Response: The Sisters were very fun to play with. And thank you!

Principia2007.12.12 - 01:12PM3: TroisSigned
Yeah, this is exactly the sort of high-handed crap they were pulling back in the old days. Just as bad as the Time Lords in their own way, though they'd never admit it.

Author's Response: Yup, they\'ve been around for longer than the Time Lords. They feel very entitled.

jessdoctorwho212007.11.22 - 12:55PM3: TroisSigned
I've just found this and it's good.So there going to experiment on Rose.

Author's Response: They\'d like to do their testing on Rose, yes. You\'ll have to wait and see! Thanks for reading!

TARDIS_stowaway2007.11.21 - 08:00PM3: TroisSigned
Very interesting! I was worried in the first chapter that this was going to be another sex-potion/shag-or-die cliche story, but you are putting in some intriguing twists. I like your descriptions. I haven't seen your source episodes, but I have vivid mental images of the cave and the sisterhood's outfits. In chapter 2, the amount of explication you gave in one fell swoop was a bit overwhelming, although I do now feel up to speed on the history.

Author's Response: Yeah, it\'s not going to be nearly that simple or straightforward. Sorry to have overwhelmed you in \'Deux\'! \"The Brain of Morbius\' is an interesting little tale - the monster may be a little cheesy, but the backstory is very interesting. Thanks for reading!

Willdew2007.11.21 - 03:13PM3: TroisSigned
Aha, Karn is so obviously a coven of stereotypical seperatist feminists, and I love them so. The idea that they capture male time lords to extract their "energy" is... ah, I am amused--like watching the Amazons in Xena reruns amused. And mad props for working in characters from the old series into the new. I've favourited this story and I'll keep an eye out for updates.

P.S. the symbolism when the Doctor entered Rose's mind was pretty cool.

Author's Response: *love for the Sisters* I\'d rather see them brought back than the Sontarans *shudders* - I need to start emailing RTD about that.... PS - Yay for someone spotting that!

LostRose2007.11.21 - 02:58PM3: TroisSigned
Hooked, that's what i am, please write more, loving it so far. OOOH tensions growing, please can we have some more for tommorrow???

Author's Response: Hah! I wish I was one of those talented people who can write very quickly! \'Quatre\' is written, is currently in the hands of many betas. I\'m hoping to post it next week. Thanks for reading!

Ciaviel2007.11.21 - 02:36PM3: TroisSigned
I'm not usually a fan of overtly sexual stories, but I'm liking this one so far. I like how you keep the tension (of all kinds...) going.

Author's Response: I hope you continue to enjoy the story - thanks for reading!

NZ_Doctor2007.11.21 - 02:18PM3: TroisSigned
I'm addicted! This is going on my favourite stories list.
Update soon please!

Author's Response: I\'m just happy not to be getting flamed yet - favorite story list? Wow. Thanks for reading!

Sali232007.11.21 - 02:02PM3: TroisSigned
Yep and me I'm hooked too :)

I also agree with Lostwolf, if they let Rose and the Doctor together they'd be ok then x

Author's Response: *laughs* Quiet, you!

jaspur2007.11.21 - 01:57PM3: TroisSigned
ok - i am hooked. well written (i appreciate decent grammar!!) and interesting story. More coming soon?

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, more is coming soon - can\'t leave things like this, can we?

lostwolf2007.11.21 - 01:16PM3: TroisSigned
Oh no! This is not good. They are horrible! Although if they'd just let Rose and the Doctor get together I reckon they'd get everything they needed ;-)

Author's Response: Well, they\'re not really \'horrible\', they\'re just very motivated not to cut poor Ten any slack. And shhhhhh! *laughs*

Author's Response: Well, they\'re not really \'horrible\', they\'re just very motivated not to cut poor Ten any slack. And shhhhhh! *laughs*

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