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TKirr2014.05.21 - 08:17PM1: UnSigned
I was recommended this story by a good friend. We both write strong TenRose love and loyalty, and your firm grasp on it here made for a very enjoyable read. The details of characterization, thoughts in situations, and description of environment solidify and support the rather audacious plot device, which makes it all the more fulfilling a read in the end. Well done, and thank you very much!

avoria2009.07.21 - 05:16PM1: UnSigned
Ooh! I've just found this -- I've been looking for something good to read. I haven't read fanfic properly in about a year and this got recc'd to me, so ... Well, yes, I LOVE IT so far. I can picture it all wonderfully. And I have much grinning and squeeing and love. I shall read on. Expect further cracky reviews from me as I do =D

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m always amazed when I get recced. Hope you enjoy.

rose4102009.01.18 - 05:15AM1: UnSigned
I finally wanted you to know that this story has been the first long one I've read since having discovered this wonderful archive (in July 2008) and that I couldn't believe while reading it how amazingly professional these works can be! Thank you for spending so much of your precious time on writing such wonderful stories of the Doctor and Rose!!!! I will kepp reading everything you're going to write.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! *feels humbled*

Cybergirl052008.09.20 - 12:49PM1: UnSigned
O.O Wow, I have no idea what's happening, but I'm looking forward to find out. Rose's reaction to the Doctor was just brilliant and so funny, the way she went to write down 'You.. are...so...beautiful..' lol. GREAT first chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I sort of just dropped you in the middle of things, didn\'t I? *grins* This is terribly kind of you to review so many chapters! Your fingers will be tired!

Doctorhil2008.08.05 - 07:00AM1: UnSigned
Oh my- I just came across this story and read it in one sitting- it's incredible! Well done!

Author's Response: I\'m always amazed when I hear from someone who says they\'ve read this entire story in one shot - wow! That\'s stamina! *grins* And thank you very much for the kind comment!

holly4davidt2008.06.22 - 02:35PM1: UnSigned
It's killing me not having something to look forward to every wednesday. I realised something was missing last wednesday in Ict when i was actually doing work.

Unheard of!!!!!

*crys from lack of mtemplar genius*

Author's Response: *hugs* This is very nice of you to say! Still plotting out the little omake that directly follows THANTH - it\'s becoming very much a comedy, and I\'m trying to decide whether I should write it from Jackie\'s POV or stick with Rose\'s. It would be more amusing from Jackie\'s, but you\'d miss some *cough*crucial*cough* action that occurs... hrm. That and I need a title. *ponders some more*

Vilya2008.06.15 - 02:04PM1: UnSigned
Loved it! Marvellous! It turned out to be the best sort of story, one that you are sad to see end.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I\'m kind of sad to see it end myself. I might have a few sequel ideas up my sleeve, though, so we\'ll see how long it takes me to get them fleshed out. Thanks for the kind review!

sinecure2008.04.09 - 04:06PM1: UnSigned
*shudder* This chapter was disturbing on so many levels. I still loved Rose and her kitties and the way she thought about them in conjunction with what was going on in front of her and what she was feeling. Heh.

However, Melina seducing the Doctor was extremely disturbing. Verging on, and possibly actually being mental and physical rape. I think you handled it well though, which is why it was so shudder-inducing.

Rose is pretty tough. I wasn't sure she'd be able to actually stab him, but the alternative is worse. I'm amazed Rose was able to handle it so well afterwards; I'd be throwing up in a corner. LOL

Author's Response: *nods* That\'s the reaction I was aiming for. Having the Rose POV essentially frames the fic through her eyes for you, with the resulting identification with the character - ie you the reader are experiencing Rose\'s disgust and horror at the entire situation. Which you should, because Melina *is* in the process of performing mental and physical rape until Rose\'s timely interruption.

And yes, Rose is tough as nails right now (she is Jackie Tyler\'s daughter, after all), but as you\'ll see in any stress-inducing situation, that\'s not always the case for the duration of the event. You\'ll see the aftermath for her too next chapter.

Thanks for the kind words!

Author's Response: And I just noticed - I must\'ve really truly disturbed you as this review is coming up under \'Un\'! Sorry about that!

Willdew2007.11.21 - 03:14PM1: UnSigned
I like how instead of being all, "rock on, let's roll with this," you have Rose being suspicious (and rightfully so!) of the Doctor's odd behaviour. Cool beans.

Author's Response: Thanks! It was fun writing Suspicious!Rose!

QT3142007.11.15 - 12:50PM1: UnSigned
I always wished they had explored the Sisterhood/Pythia times more. Can't wait to read more. I'm interested in whether they will still be willing to give him up if they find out he is the last.

Author's Response: I know! It\'s fascinating stuff. And...wait and see! Thanks for reading!

Sali232007.11.14 - 11:39AM1: UnSigned
Interesting start to the story. I have NO idea about the story this is based upon so each and every word will be new to me.
You have me hooked I do so hope Rose can protect the Doctor's dignity (after all she only wants it for herself!!)
Updat soon :)

Author's Response: It shouldn\'t be a problem if you haven\'t watched *that* particular serial. Sister Ohica pretty much doles out the necessary background information in \'Deux\'. Thanks for reading! *joins you in cheering Rose on*

arwentheta2007.11.07 - 11:43PM1: UnSigned
Yeah... good start. Liked the descriptions and the setting. I would like to see where you head from here, interesting premise.

DalekSteph2007.11.07 - 10:44PM1: UnSigned
I'm sitting on my hands, waiting to see where you take this. You have me hooked... The idea of the Doctor acting so rashly... wow. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Principia2007.11.07 - 10:17PM1: UnSigned
I'll be very interested to see where you go with this! The Brain of Morbius is a serial I've always been fond of. I'll be particularly interested to see how Rose handles this, in comparison to Sarah Jane.

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