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A Girl Called Pablo2010.12.24 - 12:03PM1: Chapter 2Signed
I love this. Rose's life has been limited somewhat by her life on the estates and her lack of formal education, but I like how you show that she's able to adapt what she's learned throughout her life and use it in varying circumstances. Using horticulture as a means to dealing with the Doctor and being smart enough to realizing that its applicable. And I absolutely love that he just realizes it after she's already gone.

TARDIS_stowaway2010.01.01 - 11:35PM1: Chapter 2Signed
This is lovely. The repetitive structure works really well to draw the reader in, making us eager to find out the real time the Doctor fell for Rose. The root-gathering scene did a great job making a small moment say a lot about the two of them.

Libby2009.01.13 - 02:51PM1: Chapter 2Signed
loved it)

ninamusing2008.07.23 - 11:14PM1: Chapter 2Signed
Wonderful allegory I particularly love the line about her "picking at him like a crow for information".

Hoodat Whatzit2008.05.27 - 05:35PM1: Chapter 2Signed
Very believable Nine voice! This is a tightly knit little fic that fills in the gaps--so to speak. One of the great things about fanfiction is that people who love the characters can put you inside their heads--and I think you did an admirable job with both the Doctor and Rose. And on a more writerly note--it was paced beautifully! I enjoyed how it ripped right along through his musings on episodic adventures and moments and then stretched out for root pulling (and who knew gardening was such a deep topic ::grin::). Well done!

TimeToTry2008.01.25 - 10:30AM1: Chapter 2Signed
There that's all of them so far. I loved them all and this one is in joint favourite with Deep in a Dream. I liked the reference to the Blitz and the Doctor's trail of thought was really realistic.

Solar Flare2007.11.05 - 05:23PM1: Chapter 2Signed
This is brilliant, I love it!

Cathica2007.11.05 - 10:52AM1: Chapter 2Signed
Woo hoo! This is terrific. I especially like the part about Rose working in the garden. I could see her enjoying a thing like that. Well-done.

ThroughanAmberFocus2007.11.05 - 03:09AM1: Chapter 2Signed

Puzzled_Hermit2007.11.05 - 01:11AM1: Chapter 2Signed
You've done a wonderful job on this story. Particularly in emphasizing the things that made Rose a great companion; too often in fic she is defined only through her relationship with the Doctor. Which seems like a strange comment, as you use the Doctor's perspective, but instead of simply showing his emotions you show her individuality through those emotions.
Anyway, I don't know if that made sense, but kudos.

Willdew2007.11.04 - 10:53PM1: Chapter 2Signed
I liked that you supplemented events of the series with your own in-betweeny bit. And the metaphor was lovely. I could imagine it happening.

CharmingSlayer2007.11.04 - 10:30PM1: Chapter 2Anonymous

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