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TheLadyFirenze2013.09.05 - 06:45PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Great story!!! About time a companion was one up on the Doctor, LOL

frin tennant2010.11.09 - 07:10AM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Just stumbled into this one and was very pleased I did! Lovely tale of the three's travels... are there any more?

ElfgirlJen2009.04.15 - 10:24PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Great story!

OtherMeWriter2008.02.14 - 01:46AM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Oh tooo sweet! Brooding wise consort, got to like that :)

HonorH2008.01.26 - 01:11PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
I enjoyed this story so much it's inspired me. I don't know if you've been following my story "Into the Dreaming," but I'm planning to end it on a similar note to this story. If you're okay with it, I'll credit you with the idea and give a link to this story. If you're not okay with it, just let me know and I'll alter the ending. 'Kay?

Xephyrfox2007.11.05 - 07:17PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Loved it!

RamblingRose2007.11.05 - 07:45AM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Lovely fic. :)

Though, Justica was actually a prison colony they visited in the book 'Monsters Inside'... It's always good to see what other people come up with :)

Author's Response: I had the story half-written when I went to check the spelling of Justicia. It was only then that I learned there had been a novel featuring the planet/system as a prison colony. But then I decided to go with my motto......\"canon? what canon? we don\'t need no stinkin\' canon!\" Thanks to all who have reviewed so far!!!!

jekyll2007.11.05 - 07:42AM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Great story.. it fits right in with the series and you have Jack and the Doctor down perfectly.

I do like this line
"Wouldn't do for their goddess to reappear some morning before she's had her coffee. Could destroy an entire culture.
That's just priceless!!!

anne3rose2007.11.05 - 02:43AM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Wonderfully well written. It makes me imagine a whole episode, or several of them, with just those hints.

Binah2007.11.04 - 10:25PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Loved it.

wmr2007.11.04 - 09:07PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
I liked this a lot - fun, and with some nice Doctor and Jack bonding. Loved their mutual teasing about Rose, as well. We really needed many more episodes set during this period!

ninamusing2007.11.04 - 08:37PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
Lovely interaction; it feels quite canonic in tone and voice. I particularly liked the lines about Rose getting her way entirely too often as it is and her priestesses wearing kohl. She felt very much like a part of the story, even though she was offstage.

I agree with the Doctor. Rose armed with this knowledge would be dangerous indeed.

herk2007.11.04 - 06:57PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
That was fantastic!
"She already gets her way around here to often" :) Father's day anyone?

I loved it

RubyV2007.11.04 - 06:53PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortSigned
beautiful and brilliant

CharmingSlayer2007.11.04 - 06:42PM1: A Goddess and Her ConsortAnonymous
That was brilliant! I loved it and so perfectly written.

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